The polivoks is alive!

But mute :slight_smile:

Midi works, all the controls seems to work, but the shruthi has no audio out, at a guess, I think I may have a chip in the wrong place, or the wrong chip installed somewhere>?

Any ideas please?

PS, I selected Pvk in the system settings

photo of the pcb?

I just triple checked and the chips are all in the right places


Pic of the back of the filterboard ?

That’s where there usually is something not quite right … (I tend to miss a few holes :slight_smile: )

IC6 needs to be pushed in more firmly …

filter board :smiley:

IC6? where is that located?

Next to the 7905 … the right-most 8 pin one.

At first sight I would reflow solder at the indicated places (remove ICs first !):

You definitively need to resolder the ground pin of the audio out jack, it is the pin next to the audio out brigde (it needs a bit more heat and solder time). And the bridge itself needs to be resoldered too.

Thanks all, I’ll try your suggestions now! brb

I have not resoldered the IC’s, but did everything else you suggested eelco>>>

I have sound, but it is very low, and there is interference noise

Some sound - so follow cj55’s advice on the audio out jack - no need to take out anything for that.

Ahhhhhh, somethings going on here>>>>>>every time I reboot the synth, it loses its midi and system settings!

Is it normal to have to select the pvk filter in the system settings every time I start it?

resoldered the jack, still the same ^^^

resoldered everything, still low volume and noise :confused: weird!

For the MIDI and system settings thing, are you saving the settings when you exit the page?

You need to save your settings before powering off !

Just read the manual :slight_smile:

Are the headers J4 and J6 supposed to be connected? I think I read somewhere they were, but being as I am prone to making mistakes I thought I best check :smiley:

I checked all the values of the resistors, and caps, everything seems fine, but I still have a very low and noisy output. I completely resolder the audio connectors, still the same issue.

This is quite annoying as everything seems to work, it is just the audio out that is ruining my day