The Othermill Kickstarter Project

Maybe of interest to some here?

I saw this and I think it is expensive

that looks awesome. really crazy to see how accessible production will be in the next few years, with 3d printing and stuff like this. think we’re heading towards a new chapter tech

I’d just be a bit wary of a $1200 bit of engineering gear which is made out of a 3D printed acrylic frame…

This machine will break apart after just a few hours of use. Its nothing i would invest my preciousy money in. 1/2 Million for 2 Assembly lines - heck this is something you would better make of laser cut aluminium profiles for the mechanical parts so you either have them made (no problems with scaling production) or its way to less money - i wonder what they calculate over there ???

I know they use a very simple DIY made mill for making PCB’s at the fablab here in Utrecht. This one is just made out of wood, a dril and parts of a 3d printer. It seems to work, but it’s not as fine as the things shown this machine will do.
I don’t know if this othermill is any good but it does promis acces to very fast and cheap pcb making for one offs in the near future.

Im just a bit concerned about the Frame - the overal design looks OK but having the main frame made of plastic? Plastics have a wide range, from reinforced Carbon Fibre (No problem with that for any application) to just thick cut sheets. I guess its more the later.
I have seen so many Lasercutters break away because of flimsy construction, and these only have to move a lens and a mirror…

1400$ for a couple of pieces of plastic? Really? Yes, there’s the design, and the sourcing of materials etc, but there are many much sturdier options available in that price range :confused:

^ Come on. You can clearly see there is rather more involved than a “couple of pieces of plastic”

Not that it doesn’t still look somewhat pricey, granted. However, what else can you mill metal with at home like this does?
The Roland iModela looks similar, and is cheaper, but it doesn’t do metal, although it will do PCB’s…

Okay, a bit unfair, but I think my point still stands : You could build something not unlike this, with known tolerances, known power, and not made of some unknown plastic (there’s a big difference between them), for the same/not much more money, which would happily chug through metal…

Yes, some engineering was clearly involved, but I’m simply not convinced that the asking price reflects the quality of the product…
You can get something like this for around the same money, it is a known product that’s been around for a while, you know exactly what you will get, and who to hold accountable if it doesn’t live up to specc…

It’s cool that we get all these new CNC machines, but many of them seem to ride on hype until they’re brought out - You’re buying a cat in a sealed box, hoping that not only will it live until you get the box open, but that the cat isn’t something entirely different to what you thought you were buying…

This fireball thing is without the mill itself so everything together you will hit the $2000,-

That depends on which options you select, a lot of the preselected options are entirely unnecessary… I wouldn’t buy a fireball per se, I’d much rather build my own, but again, different folks & all that… :slight_smile:

I came across this site earlier, the machines are bigger but they are very affordable, and they are already available.


However I don’t know if they would be precise enough for pcb manufacturing. I was looking at them with the dream of using them to cut front panels, and model aircraft parts.

I’m fairly sure you can already buy small engraving / cnc machines though so not quite sure of the point of the kickstarter project. Here is an example of one on youtube:

cnc pcb milling / drilling