The new Elektron machine:

Sounds pretty digital! Which might be the FX processing it does…or it’s possbily a sampler, possbily a digital drum machine, possibly a lot of stuff. I’m pretty sure I’m screwed if its a synth/sampler hybrid with FX and a bunch of inputs for external audio…I might be selling a kidney this year.

Still not sure why the pads are on the left side…left handed people can rejoice!

@ryana4 You really want to talk about this, don’t you? :wink:

No not really- I want to know what it is!

I know Elektron is too “slick” for a lot of people around here so I’m not surprised no one really wants to start a long TR-8-type of discussion about it- just figured anyone who hadn’t seen what it looks like should watch the video.

I only have 1 box at the moment (OT), and honestly I want to amend what I said above- I just want them to do something that legitimately counts as being new and interesting.

If it’s a rainbow blinkenlights analog drum machine then it’s a failure in my mind.

@ryana4 You got rid of your A4? Can I ask why?

Hm, my problem about this Elektron stuff is (and since the Sidstation ever was) the price. Its “slickness” never was an issue…hey, it’s digital. And the A4 never really got my interest…And about their workflow…the MPC ever got more my interest, 'cause it suited me better.

The simple facts are: I don’t like the way it sounds. It just isn’t the synth for me. It’s great- functionally, it’s one of the more precise and immediate analog synths ever made. But everything has this vibe/motif that makes it feel distant and dark to me. It just doesn’t match my style. I really can’t explain it any better but it just doesn’t inspire me to make the kind of music I personally listen to and enjoy making.

But the other facts are: I started a modular and I’m spending too much money so I had to sell a bunch of stuff! The A4 found its way onto actual recordings (that I put on Soundcloud) 3 times- all in the days after the OS update. Not once before or after- in about 8 months of owning it;.


The MPC and OT are totally different and I like them both =)

The MPC workflow allows for much more actual expressiveness, while the OT hinders that a bit on the loop creation side but it throws it back in once you’ve created your rhythm or percussion or whatever and you want to modulate it.

They’re both excellent samplers.

Any plans to update your nickname ? :slight_smile:

Can I?

I mean, I still wear my Obama “HOPE” T-Shirt from time to time around the house even though everything still sucks here, the banks are still allowed to do whatever they want and little has changed.

My last name starts with an A and the number 4 is a nice number. There are other ways out of this!

I started with Mutable stuff when I was looking for CV gear to control with my A4 and popped on to ask how well it would play with the Anushri.

Didn’t really think long and hard about my name…

Yeah that’s alright. I guess that the slightly mentally-ill part of me obsessed with that kind of little details will learn to live with it…

double post

Oh I was worried about it for a while, but after a few depraved drinking binges I’ve come to accept it =)

@RyanA4 The funny thing is that I recognize the vibe you’re describing from most of the demos out there very well, keeping me far away from the box for well over a year.

I’m actually finding it much smoother and warmer than I expected, but it does really require you to be subtle when programming otherwise you quickly get into dark/gritty/distant territory. The effects are also something that you easily end up applying too much of.

It’s definitely better since the update. But still not for me- even when I turned all the FX off (which should be a menu option because they seem to end up on more often than not).

I don’t own any Elektron equipment but as a Swede I tend to be positively biased for anything from Clavia, Elektron and Propellerheads. At this point I still think the A4 keys is more exciting than this thing.

Hehe, them plus Teenage Engineering, Cwejman (dude’s Polish but living here), Soniq Charge, and a few other software companies like Toontrack and Audio Realism. Not bad at all! Must get something Nord-ish - I like their pitch bender and ceramic mod wheel.

@Jojjelito Get a Nord G2 modular - if my trustworthy old G1 modular would have a 3 octave keyboard and pitch/mod wheel I would use it as master keyboard instead of my Mopho key. They tend to be quite rare and expensive though.

@Bjarne: Yup, I want a G2. Prices are a bit so-so and I guess I’m too lazy to actively scan for one, or set Ebay to watch for one. Then again, I should bite that bullet.

Just got my OT the other day. LOve it. Love it. Love it. And considering I have 900 credit with my dealer (and I got the OT for 900 shipped instead of 1700 new) Im ponying up for A4K. As much for a decent MIDI controller otherwise Id probably just grab the regular A4. This new box… Im withholding judgement till I see what it can do but at the moment I dont feel any excitement toward it at all. Those pads are a bit WTF as far as Im concerned…

I really like the midi sequencer on the Octatrack, is so great, fun and easy to sequence various Shruthi, Ambika…

Now I’m starting to get curious about the A4, oh my…