The Mutable Topflappens

Hello all,

hanging around at my mother’s lunch table something colourful was jumping into my attention - I’d like to present the Mutable Potholders:


Kind of dirty and used but hey - it’s a potholder :slight_smile:

Ah ah :slight_smile:

Once you start noticing, this color palette is everywhere.

But I can assure you, it’s world who copied it, not the other way around!

Sounds legit :slight_smile:

Topflappens. What a beautiful word. Deleuze’s Topflappens - the new app for o_C

actually, it’s ‘topflappen’ - no ‘s’.
singular and plural are the same: ‘ein topflappen’, ‘zwei topflappen’…

Ah, i only just got the topf-lappen. Gryde-lapper in danish aswell.
I read it as top-flappens. Thought it might be dutch or something

Hot damn, now there’s at least three Danish guys on here :wink:

You should have had German in school, at some point. I know I did. Fat lot of good that did me, seeing as I was already fluent at that point >_>