The Mutable Menagerie

Here is where you post pictures of your ferrets, cobras, TORTOISES, defanged white lions, and anything else you keep in your home along with your Shruthis…

Edit: If you happen to have a dungeon, we’re not interested in what you keep in there, thank you.

This is what allows me to live in her house:

really beautiful pets ! i love that contorsionnist cat !

Asha is the coolest dog. She really loves us, I mean physically. She will hug my wife with her paws and hold her and lick her like a puppy (until she is good and ready to stop!). She is the most affectionate animal I have ever known. We both think it has a lot to do with hormones and she has all of hers. She was an experiment in this regard and I don’t think I would spay another female dog. I like them better with all their parts. They’re different. More human-like.

Anyway, I was just sitting in a chair on the patio and she came to sit next to me. That’s it. She just likes to be near us.

The thing Asha hates: the electronic switch click. Anything that has a noisy switch like the television, the stereo receiver… anything with that sound she HATES and will leave the room just like your dog. Also on that list: vacuum cleaner, ironing board, the closet that contains both of them.

Coleco Slays Darth Vader! Love it! She’s got a really sweet face man. You can tell she loves her pop.

You asked about the name: it means “hope” (among other things) in Sanskrit. The last Belgian Sheepdog we had was such a neurotic nutcase that I was really HOPING that my next one would be different, hence the name. Two of my three dogs have had Sanskrit names and the nutjob did not. So they’re all getting them now! I’m superstitious!

Dogs&Sticks! Trini looks young. Lots of shoes to chew!
Titus, A friend had a dog that looked like Asha. Called him Pepster. He was a great dog. Super loyal.
micmicman, dafuck? haha! Hope he stays clear of your synths. I’m glad the cat stays clear of the keys.

Pets are singlehandedly the greatest human companion. If I’ve had a horrid day at work, I come home and my dog is always there to say hi without judgement. Ironically (misuse of the word maybe?) she does not like it when I power up the synths. She very calmly gets up and leaves the rooom.

Allow my nerd to show here. Her name is Coleco. Yes, THAT Coleco.

@Titus Nice name, short and easy to say. It really suits her.

I wonder how you managed to get the photo done.

I mean, Trini is really shy, as soon as she realizes that there’s a camera nearby, she starts looking to the ground or placing her pawns in front of her face. If I want to take a picture, I have no other choice but to distract her with games or food.

Trini is beautiful. Gorgeous smile on her happy face.

My dog’s name is Asha which is a totally appropriate name here :slight_smile:

@Titus She has a really happy look in her eyes. What’s her name?

@MicMicMan I should try sitting in my couch like that.

Here’s my pooch. She’s called Trini (short from Trinity).

As you can see from the pictures her favourite game is “Fetch the giant stick”. She also likes catching the ball, and even picking up big rocks from the floor. After all she’s a labrador retriever, it’s on her genes!

Sorry about the last photo, ‘a little bit’ out of focus (mobile phone camera with slow as hell autofocus + fast moving dog).

I wish i had a capybara.

Instead of which i have a contortionist cat (he also likes to eat cables…)