The mu movement


As many of you will know, several of Olivier’s designs have undergone a third-party microfication process (most of which make me wince, because the ergonomics of the MI modules are clearly very carefully considered, and all that is thrown out to save a few HP… although I must say that the 8HP micro versions of the Ornament & Crime and Temps Utile modules are definitely improvements, as are the horizontal 1U versions).

Anyway, now there’s a book about such derivative designs:


Have the authors of that book seen this yet? :laughing:


Here I was thinking you were talking about the MU (Moog Unit) large-format modular paradigm.


Ha awesome!!


sometimes tho there is no choice but to use these 3rd party micro thingies.
(I’ve got a micro clouds, for obvious reasons)
If I could have bought an MI clouds I would have but i got into modular just a little to late for that.
and the 2nd hand market for original clouds is virtually non existent (I guess people just don’t want to lose them)

I’ll no doubt replace the mini clouds if Olivier releases a replacement with similar features.
as you say the mini DIY versions are a little fiddly (to say the least)



Totally existent. I see them pop up every week (from 179€ to 430€).


@Nino “I see them pop up every week”

can i ask where where?


I noticed a conspicuous bump last week (I think I counted at least five original Clouds modules) in the European second-hand modular Facebook groups. In fact it made me come here to check if Clouds 2 had been announced. :slightly_smiling_face: Maybe they were people who received their pre-ordered Supercell clone?

I only know I would never part with my Clouds… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I see the MI Clouds used all the time. Actually just bought on two days ago. Now I have this and a micro Clouds in the rack. Awesome!!


I hear you. I sold my MI Clouds a while ago, thinking I could wait for version two.
But I missed it so much that I now have not one, but two in the rack. :smiley:


Because of my participation in the Buddhism thread, I actually thought it was in reference to the Zen concept of Mu, which roughly translates to nothingness.


little bookmark and toy hands please