The Mountain Also Sings

edit: I’m too dumb to get the player to embed, sorry.


A modular euclidian meditation.

A performing sort of gamelan group built from Mutable Instruments Elements, Rings, Clouds, Warps, Peaks, Tides, Ripples and Peaks being sequenced in odd numbered steps via a beatstep pro (15, 9 and 7 step circulars). Xaoc Batumi brings the long slow modulations.

Mixed through a behringer mixer with Strymon BlueSky and El Capistan Pedals in the aux sends, recorded directly as a stereo track to a zoom H4.

wow that´s beautiful - bought instantly!

Thanks so much, really appreciate it.

I agree wonderful album!
and no I don’t think you can embed Bandcamp here. But then, playing in the website works better anyway.

Thanks so much for listening and the kind words folks, when I’ve been making these pieces, they seem to keep the dread at bay for a spell.

Here’s the follow up, it’s another long/slow/boring one with Elements doing the glassy feedback thing being played by an A149-1/2 and a RYO Penta playing an STO, Maths, Optomix combo.


I’m loving the journey of discovery with elements, there is so much in there to learn and oh so many sweet and dynamic spots to tease out.

Edit: there does seem to be a bandcamp player embed in this post but no idea how they managed it.

very nice indeed, keep up the good “dreamy” work!

Thanks @V`cent what’s the syntax? I had a look through the site linked in the formatting post the other day but couldn’t suss it out.

Same as for all other embedded players - quoteplayerlinkherequote:playerlinkhere :slight_smile:

Trying that out (but here’s a lovely long piece where Rings just does it’s thing - or not depending on if I can get the embed to work).

like this?

Edit: Nah, I’m just not making sense of it or getting it to work, sorry. Which version/part of the bandcamp embed/share code should it be?

Don’t give your link a caption. You literally have to paste the url twice, the first in quotes, then a : then the second

Ahaaaa. Thanks, it’s the url of the album page, not either of the wordpress or html embed codes. Grand. Many thanks MI pals.

Really nice stuff…


Awesome stuff. If I may, the last piece reminds of something I recently recorded. I love semi-random ambient sequences with reverb :slight_smile: