The Mother Knocking At The Door

Another day off, another big case rearrangement and another long mutable centric piece.

Vaguely inspired by Twin Peaks: The Return Episodes 3 and 14.

Regularly irregular knocking and beating temple music from the Purple Sea

Patch Notes:

Pam’s New workout triggering a peaks BD using euclidian and skipping triggers.
Tides low output triggering Rings strum input, the frequency is free running and being modulated by a sine from Batumi. Rings position and decay parameters are modulated by Batumi.

Braids Feeback FM mode patched into Ripples with the frequency being slowly modulated by a long sine from Batumi.

Clouds is providing a smeary low frequency drone underneath.

Mixed through a beringher mixer with Strymon El Cap and BlueSky on the busses and recorded to a zoom H4.