The Mean Green Machine

After a long long long time i used the Shruti-1 naked lying on a piece of Foam i had a little time to build an Enclosure:

Its for now fixed by TESA-Film as the plastic glue has to dry…

Nice work. Love the turquoise light leeking from next to the display. Pretty slick.

you really took your time to rethink the layout on the front panel, which is really not bad![](, though I still like how Olivier has concieved it. Anyway, It makes your shruti something kind of different, in a positive way)

Very nice to see an alternative layout Nice work fcd72!


Another beauty! I like the sub-surface light bleed- nice touch!

btw interesting buttons it seems! are they for round holes or did you have to cut square holes?

Yo rosch,

I used these

Its for rectangular holes, snaps easily in and has a “arbeithshub” of about 2mm, very soft feel. As i cut with a laser i don’t mind the shape of the Holes ;-).
If you want one of these FacePlates drop me a line.

BTW i used the Pots from the kit with a piece of acryl (glued to the Front) in which i cut tight holes so the Pots are only pressed in. The display is for testing purposes fixed with double sided tape that will be replaced by Acryl Holders glued to the front. If someone is beggin i will post a picture from the inside - thats UGLY!


super nice! looks really robust!
i like it! green is the way to go! =)

Awesome case! I like the alternate layout too, seems less crowded, and a good design for people who don’t care as much about the footprint of the unit.

But the real question is - does it still work after you moved it into the case? :slight_smile:


Shure. Why shouldn’t it? :wink: