The last audio cassette factory

You might enjoy this video:

I feel old now.

I am old.

I always thought they spooled the tapes to a required length then recorded them on a duplicating desk setup. Seems like in that video the tape is recorded loose then then spooled.

It’s a highly automated system.

I wonder if new factories will open to cater to the ‘boutique cassette’ market…?

I’m still slightly in shock about the resurgence of the format, I have to say.

It’s even possible to get a Eurorack module to control a cassette Walkman, now.


New factories won’t open because nobody builds the equipment anymore. This makes it too costly to enter the market.

I understood the vinyl resurgence under the analog dynamic range idea, plus the whole sleeve-as-art-canvas thing, but I have thus far failed to understand the tape resurgence other than a nostalgia item for the walkman generation.

Well scratch that, I could also understand it as a medium for indie, small run releases, yet soundcloud is there for that (I know it is not analog)?

Makes sense. I guess there’s no shortage of cassette players on the 2nd hand market.

I enjoy looking for vinyl in charity shops here in the UK, and cassettes are relatively rare, there. Lots of vinyl (a lot of the same novelty records nobody is ever going to buy), and lots of CDs, but nobody seems to think there’s a market for 2nd-hand cassettes.

I wonder if the market in new cassettes is driven partly by the 80s fashion revival.


@Varthdader I think it’s also partly a reaction to the whole download/streaming model of music distribution.

As a physical object, the cassette has a certain appeal, partly due to it’s wilful archaism, and general clunkiness and user-unfriendliness.

It’s the polar opposite of the random-access online music services.


Simple, vinyl is the analogue home format, tape for when you want analogue on the move.

And never to forget the times, as some of us were willing to kill for certain mixtapes of DJs or some club sessions…and btw: i still own two tape decks.

A certain singer from a popular 80s goth band: