The Korg Mini-MS-20

Apparently Korg will be presenting a reissue of their MS-20 synth in a more compact (yes, with wonderfully stupid mini-keys) and probably more “modern” electronics at NAMM. Anybody knows more abou it? The price point seems interesting but so far no official tech details are available (so nobody knows if it will be eurorack CV compatible or things like that).

rumors are everywhere

And there is the kingkorg

as we would say in french : at least it seems that the minibrute was a good kick in the anthill

I bet that King Korg will be a new virtual analog.
XMT probably means “Xtreme Modeling Technology”…

Anywho, a Monotron/tribe that gets expanded to a full MS20 is relevant to my interests! It will look nice next to my MS10 that I picked up from a former colleague for 60€ some 10 years ago.

The King Korg could also be something nice. Wonder when or if Roland and Yamaha et al get clued in? Analog is back (or in fact never left looking at the smaller innovative companies and DIY). Now give us knob-laden analog polys with preset storage, SD-cards and hybrids - oh that’s right: THE AMBIKA has already been there, done that :smiley:

Hmm the KingKorg leaves me quite unexcited. But a mini-MS-20 done right… that’s another thing!

BTW. who cares what the big guys are doing, any new exciting DIY or indie projects coming up for NAMM?

I’d be up for a mini MS-20, depending on price (and size), but it sounds a bit unlikely to me. I’m prepared to be proved wrong though.


@rumpelfilter, Pitsburg Modular are releasing 3 systems. All priced around $600-700 I believe. Looks interesting. Also, apparently Buchla is redoing the Music Easel.

seen the pitsburg ones, they look gorgeous as usual! :slight_smile:

This seemed cool until I saw the Hollywood soundtrack price tag.

@qp: There will be full clones of all the old 200-series modules within a year or two, including the old Easel. If Buchla is redoing the Music Easel it will likely be a 200e-series Easel variant with MIDI, limited patch storage options and all that jazz that comes with the 200e-series. Just hope it doesn’t become a Music Edsel, some old analog beards will poo-poo it for sure.

600€ - Greetings to the M Company! Now thats a price that fits my needs - ordered.

@pichenettes I stand corrected. Let’s see what they announce at NAMM.


so it’s real after all! Where did you find that page?

Latest edition of the German Keys or Keyboard^H^H^H Magazine…

Edit: Vactrols on the Koma and Tube/Valve amps on the King Korg. Awesome!

that koma filter looks interesting … I always like their stuff

The mini MS-20 sort of makes sense, I suppose, in the sense that they already designed a device visually identical to this- the 3/4-size MS-20 USB controller that shipped with early versions of their Legacy Collection plugin instruments. I’d be surprised if the new device isn’t exactly the same size as that. At that price, though, I’d be disappointed if it wasn’t make of steel, rather than the flimsy plastic of the MS-20 controller.


Now who organizes a MS-20 Group Buy? :wink: