The Knobs for the Pots sometimes very hard to move to the pots

Hi, only for Info: Sometimes if i buy new knops the hole is a litlle smaller tan the axis for the poti .
Than i have a problem to connect the POTS with the Knobs. And than there is a second problem to remove the knob from the poti !
Because it is like glue
So i build me a little tool to make the hole in the knob a little greater.
I simply take a axis made of metal and put the knob for a little time on this axis.
Than the hole is enlarged and now you can better connect the knob with the pot. And also better do remove it.
Maybe it is a little helpful.



I use a little bit of appliance oil for electric shavers. It works great!

I only ever had this problem with the Rogan knobs (the brand used by MI) they won’t go on and even worse they won’t get off. Ever.
I just changed the knobs on the Anushri and despite me using some oil to get them onto the shafts, some knobs won’t go all the way down, plus now I have an oily panel.
I highly doubt that I will ever get them off if anything breaks underneath and I have to change a component.
D-Shaft knobs are always a bit of a pain for DIY, but Rogan really something wrong in my opinion.


Found a good solution:
Practically indestructible lego tool. Made short work of getting the knobs off an XT with this…

+1 to the Lego tool. Those things can split atoms apart.

I have had this problem with Eagle Plastic Devices knobs as well. I recommend using silicone grease on plastics (except on silicone), because it won’t eat away at the plastic over time like mineral oil will.

These tyre levers work a treat.

One of these each side and POP ! They’re off.

Don’t mark the panel either.

Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres FTW! No punctures, ever, and they last forever. But you really need those excellent Schwalbe tyre levers to get them on the rim - they’re tight!