The Good Knob (and Pots + Encoders) Thread


I’ve tried that, or painting the line, but usually there’s some sort of cast-in indicator and I guess I’m kinda picky. I have even cast my own knobs but that’s proving to be tricky.


I use the Sifam ones with the replaceable tops so you have one knob body, then the option to make it into whatever style knob you want. Also makes “180” oriented pots a non issue


While searching for an encoder for a programmer i’m building i discovered the farnell and reichelt reference in the Ambika BOM point to a too short 20 mm encoder. I think i have found a right 25 mm one at farnell.
I’ll get it tomorow so i hope to confirm it is ok.


@shiftr SHHH damnit. not too many of those to go around


@altitude … ??


there are like a dozen of those left at digikey (and yes they fit fine, its the metal shaft version of the pec12)


@shiftr thanks for that encoder reference. I promise to only get a few :slight_smile: looks like there are ~90+ in stock at Digikey.

@altitude do you happen to have a part number or source for the Sifam knobs you like? Do you have to order direct?


I get them trough their US distributor, Selco. I dont have the part# on hand


Farnell has 343 at stock in Europe so i think they will last for a while…


Ok that last part was the 30 mm version though they call it 25. I find it sometimes a bit confusing that somtimes the lenght is measured from the PCB and sometimes from the beginning of the shaft.
So this is actually the right part … (oh and only 33 left in europe!)
But the other part works fine with a saw :slight_smile:


Yeah, discovered that myself yesterday when I got my parts. The tabs on the sides are also a different size so they dont fit the existing holes.


Really? oh damn. didn’t actually fit it yet…


you can force it but as Borat would say: “Tight like man’s anus”


I didn’t know Borat was into soldering too!


It wasn’t hard to get in. I use tweezers if things are too tight…


This encoder is going through a transition to the new PEC11R-4220F-S0024 version and both may be hard to get a hold of; I’ve had trouble sourcing them. The new one is becoming available in stock at a few sources.

The tabs are slightly over size and require a small amount of filing. Only encoder I could ever source that has the height needed without modification besides the PEC12R.


Have we been here yet:

Clear knobs

The also have LED buttons and illuminated rotary encoders.

Edit - long story but the short answer is that I’m an idiot.


The link points me to someone selling mortgage in Canada… I do like to have a house in canada though.


That’s the variant available at Sparkfun too. They fit T-18 knurled shafts.