The Good Knob (and Pots + Encoders) Thread


Thanks Fresh Pants, though I’m building an xt so I want to stick with the plastic knobs that Frank included.
Can anybody else confirm that the correct shaft length that I am looking for is 15mm? Does this include the part below the place that the plastic knob attaches that is sometimes threaded?


Most of the time they include the threaded piece but not all… And sometimes they measure from the bottom of the pot. I can’t seem to find a standard on that one.
All Tayda pots are 6mm and knurled… i need 6,3mm (0,25 inch) round ones.
Did anybody ever find a good trick to adapt the standart 6mm d-shaft pots to fit them with 6,3 mm screw type knobs?


Depends on if you want to lift them again. Flexible hot glue or standard silicone would surely help.


Pots are Zolltarifnummer 85 33 4010 and the guys over hera are so friendly to count the Knobs as Pots…


Just found
Lets see what they mail back…


Thx Frank, good to know the next time !


Nice find!
When it says 6,0 on shaft type, is it a normal 6mm screw type shaft? And do these work on plastic D-shafts? Or will I break the plastic :slight_smile:


I found that the screw type knobs are mostly for 6,3mm type shafts, And they don’t really work with d-shafts because the knob will become off centered wich looks and feels weird.


Yeah but the shaft on this knob which says 6,0 should work for D-shafts right?

Also, this knob reminds me of fiat multipla.


haha it’s a funny knob. the 6mm knob is a knurled shaft type knob. I have a few of those here from farnell. They are very cheap there and exactly what i need but i probably ordered the last 4 of them. They are back on stock in september… So hopefully this taiwanese company will send some.


If you do buy from this company, could you order an extra 5 of those knobs for me? Maybe I can somehow get them to fit on a D-shaft.


I’ll ask who wants some if i can order them for a good price.


I think Chia Shin is producing for most of the supplier/distributors in Europe. I’m curious to know if they are able (or want) to deliver some of their nice looking knobs in small amount. I’m in particular interested to this one for my desktop TR-9090.


Sorry to go back to this, but is it 15mm pots that I’m looking for?


@shiftr did you received some answer from them?

I received following answer:
CF-X4-M-S(6)W7 6.0mm hole, with set screw US$0.267/pc
CF-X5-M-S(6)W7 6.0mm hole, with set screw US$0.267/pc

Minimum quantity: 1000pcs
Delivery : 21 days after receipt your order.

Is there interest for group buy?


hum why not ? Could be interrested in 50.


yeah! Put me down for 135


I need some without indicators for the MidiALF, any ideas?


I need 5 but I can buy maybe 20-30 to get a little bit closer to 1000 :slight_smile:


@piscione remove the white line with acetone or something like that.