The Good Knob (and Pots + Encoders) Thread


nice but expensive


@shiftr: oh you might be right. I hadn’t understood you want the smaller ones… but they used to carry them. I had bought a bunch of them some time ago.


On the topic of knobs - what would the minimum distance between two knobs be in your opinion?
For example, do you think it would be okay with a CC distance of 3cm between these:


Depends on what you use the knobs for.

On pedals, small distance is ok because you don’t tend to operate them while performing, more like a setup use.

On synths, if you need to use them for performance, you might be more comfortable with a bigger distance.

And then there´s personal preference and hand/finger size.


30 mm is bigger then the normal distance in a shruthi (about 27mm) and i’ve seen people use those on em. if you have 30 mm you’ll have 10mm space in between wich is the same as with standard shruthi knobs on a shruthi, The big difference is also the shape of the knobs. Shruthi knobs are 16 mm but that is the skirt of the knob. The actual part where you touch them is much smaller so there is more room for you fingers.

I need them for a programmer with the same CC distance as a Shruthi and then i don’t have enough space left for the labels if i use 20mm.


just found some at farnell


I am also using the knobs for a programmer.

The CF-X5-M:s don’t seem to have a skirt, so I’m guessing they are almost identical to the smaller knobs on a microkorg. Maybe I should use them for the four shruthi pots and then 20mm skirted knobs for the rest. Farnell’s prices are surprisingly good too.


Could somebody please tell me the correct length or better yet give me a link to the correct pots for the edit 1-4 pots for the shruthi controller board from any american supplier. The ones on the bom:

are too long @ 21.50mm
and this one I got from a wiki bom is the same incorrect length:

These are longer than the ones that came with my kits…



I personally did not care about the exact length, as Mr. Dremel was always near to help, as long the pots do have a plastic axis.


@ kingrhythm

These worked for my LP2 Yellow Magic Edition.

Alpha Pots.
Somewhat more expensive @ Mouser.

They have a solid metal shaft, and you need to use different knobs that utilize a set screw, and the rotation action has more physical resistance than the ones from the Shruthi kit, but they’re nice solid pots.

Small Bear and others also sell the same pots.


All those cheap farnell knobs are the knurled type. Though very nice they are not usable for me. Or i’ll have to find knuled pots that fit the shruthi control board.
Do the screw type knobs work on a d shaft pot?


Which knobs are used on the new MI modular beauty’s ?


Looks like something from Davies Molding. They make more than the old 1100…


Looks more like Rogan albeit in a custom color.


I was looking at this and yup, Rogan is also a suspect.


Nope thats not quite the same when you compare the slots on the sides…


Juu juu. I wasn’t really looking that hard, but I see what you mean.


Yes, they are from Rogan.


So finally found the ones i want… Now i just need to get nice 6,3mm pots to go with them…Something like this … but i’d like them to be a bit cheaper… anyone any idea?


Tayda Electronics - you get the pots there for about the half of the price, but you need time !

And all the possible customs stuff, they are out of Europe…