The Good Knob (and Pots + Encoders) Thread


I bought some knobs from Maplin (UK) today for my Sidekick. They look remarkably similar to the ones in the Shruthi kit, except they’re not designed for D shaped pot shafts.

I still managed to push them on and they grip fine. But they’re difficult to line up as a result.

Plus you have the usual problem of them only ever stocking 2 of everything.


Frank have you ordered them already? dam i have 6 pages of threads to look through, hope i haven’t missed the new product!

btw i don’t like the colorful musikding knobs that i’ve seen some posts above on the programmer (the slim ones, with pointer, that comke in all colors). i did like them, until i tried to use them on my Where’s tha party at. there’s no metal threading, the screw goes through plastic. destroyed the threading even before they were sitting firmly.




Yo Rosch, you can still join the show, just drop me a line.

How about pimping your VS with a new owner: me :wink: ?


@fcd72 - I could write something in my final will, but I have to be very careful to not give you an incentive to kill me :wink:



…i always knew all those steinway aficionados can’t really play and just hit the start button.


Thread necro alert! There’s a bulk order for Albs knobs over at MIDIbox. Go get some!


ill be doing a sifam order shortly, drop me a pm if interested


Maybe I missed it, but I don’t see a link on this thread on where to get those sexy transparent knobs. Can someone enlighten me?


You can get the Albs “Waldorf” knobs over at MIDIbox forum
Register yourself there and post in the relevant bulk order thread. However, there was just a bulk order that has closed and shipped to those of us who wanted in.


‘Sexy transparent knobs’ sold here


Hello people,

Just in case you haven’t noticed/kept up - there’s a new bulk for the Albs knobs over at MIDIbox. Also, some really neat thumb-wheels for D-shaft encoders are offered.


I think i’have enough knobs for a while. I ordered 10 standard shruthi knobs from farnell and they delivered me 10 bags of 5 knobs today. 50 knobs/4per shruthi is euhm… 12,5 shruthi’s :slight_smile:




i found this website if someone want knobs, they are really cheap.


Did anybody ever see moog style knobs “(something like this)”: smaller then 19mm ? I’m looking for some.


Musikding has some albeit only colored - weird!


Cheapest knobs I ever saw outside ebay:

google tayda electronics


@fcd72: they have them in black too. at least I can see them…


Also, there’s some high-quality clone knobs/originals at Thonk in the UK and at Synthcube in the US of A Synthcube has some Moog/Cosmo-style knobs that are 5/8" or 15.875mm diameter.


@rumpelfilter…link?. I also only see black ones in 20 mm and colored in 16mm