The Good Knob (and Pots + Encoders) Thread


webstore looks awesome! will check it out, thanks!


u are wellcome! if you find any other shop in berlin let me know please, i live here and i only know the one you said, banzai music, conrad and also schneidersbüro, but the guys of the schneidersbüro buy the knobs in banzai music.


Just got a big bag of these in: Sifam 11mm diameter for 6mm D shaft. These are great since the top is replaceable and movable (you can make the line point in any direction)


This is from that bulk order, i’ve missed =(
Do you have any vacant knobs?


no, sorry. You might want to contact Sifam since they are in Europe, They would probably have a better inventory anyway. The problem I ran into is that Selco, their US distributor does not stock everything and they dont have a list a of what they do stock so its pretty much luck of the draw. They do have those (DR110) in both black and gray and also the ones with skirts (DRN110). If you want either of those, they only have a $50 minimum order so I could do that pretty much any time if Sifam Europe has large minimum requirements


In any case, many thanks for doing the Sifam bulk order even though it’s a bit backwards to do it from the States :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see myself ordering truckloads of knobs (think their MOQ is 1000!) directly from Selco anytime soon… BTW, Rapid online in the UK is starting to sell some push-on Sifams to replace the Re’ans that are no longer made.


I love DRN110 with black cap!

i’ll try to contact them.


Ahh, then Rapid won’t be able to help you :frowning:

But, they do carry the Sifam 3/03/TPM110 006 range, the Sifam 3/05/TPNP120 006 range and the Sifam 3/03/TPM130 006 range :slight_smile:


Just looked at their shop.

I hate my perfectionism =)


EComponents UK have the Re’an P670 and P300 in most colors still available. Really friendly service and good prices. Seems you can still score most of that stuff a while more at them and Rapid. Made my lifetime buys it seems.

Also received my three-shot Sifams from Altitude. Mmm, they are compact! Thanks!


Thnx, nice price!


I cant for the life of me figure how to post a new topic on this forum so Ill just keep posting vaguely related stuff in existing topics :stuck_out_tongue:

I am trying to find an appropriate encoder for the Shruthi that could be panel mount. Or could the one that comes with the kit be panel mount, not sure if it comes with a screw for the encoder shaft?

Thanks in advance


I never have seen panel mounted encoders, maybe you use a piece of PerfBoard and some spacers that you glue to the Front Panel?

Or you just buy one of these:;ACTION=3;LA=444;GROUP=B29;GROUPID=3714;ARTICLE=73916;START=0;SORT=preis;OFFSET=500;SID=10TXeS4X8AAAIAAFffHmk561e093f0ee57c88e80b2dd36d5b2ce7


@kvetch left column, top row, after the Mutable logo, company name and users community, it says “Start a new discussion”…


I think it’s kind of goes with this topic to actually also talk about the encoders and pots, but feel free to start new topics otherwise.

I’m still dreaming of my own control surface with transparent lit shafts and clear Albs knobs. Going to dust off my Eagle CAD maybe.



Why do you want to do clear Shafts if you know someone who has a Laser Cutter?



No chance to derail this thread - I have fluently changed the Topic :wink:


Since the topic has changed, these pots are solid and feel identical to the stock Mutable pots. In fact, I’ve had friends try to guess which pot was the replacement and so far no one has guessed the Panasonic. The shaft is too long, but nothing one snip from some good wire cutters can’t take care of!


i’m using this ones

here they costs $6 per 10 pcs



Tru dat, but I also had this crazy idea of gentrifying some existing gear without having to use a Dremel to remix it :wink:

I’m going to pimp my CZ5000, the SH-101, the Prophet VS and the K5000s but I’m currently researching what to do besides wooden end cheeks…