The Good Knob (and Pots + Encoders) Thread


you will have to laser a lot of special holes, fcd72 :wink:

i am in. i will check with a mate, if he needs some, too and then tell you, woh much i need.


There were some peeps over at MIDIbox forum who also wanted in on this in the past. Should they be told?


Only if we don’t reach the minimum order quantity… i don’t want to count knobs a whole weekend…


id be surprised if you even hear back from them for anything less than a thousand parts. Dealing with those ppl is not the most pleasant thing in the world. When I ordered clear ones years ago there was a person their what was a little more accommodating but they are long gone afaik

Anyway, here is my addition to the thread:

These are available from digikey. The pointer is painted on and can be removed with acetone (for encoders) AND its a a 6mm shaft NOT 1/4" like most metal ones so it sits nice and tight on a standard 6mm D shaft


I looked up an old (Last November :slight_smile: ) and the offered me the translucent ones for 0,98€/piece w/o Shipping, @100 Pcs.

Just to give you an Idea, most likely prices will drop with you ordering 100s of transparent Knobs for everything…


Here’s a crap pic of my unfinished knob box. Will post better pics when I finish it. Stacked ponoko bamboo. 8 push button encoders with a dual colour led ring for each pot. Each button press selects a different bank of 8 cc knobs. Cool eh?


not so cheap, but I like a lot, as they are tiny (have big hands)



what a pity that the delivery costs of digikey are so high, they have very nice knobs!


best. knobs, ever.


only 47 euros each


Hey, thats just a Laser Engraved Aluminium knob…


Kull wahad!
I was browsing knobs thru Alibaba and could easily score soft-touchies for approx 0.1USD each if I bought 1000… 47€, that’s what I could get a jet fighter for (not that I want or need one!) if I could get some decent offset deals.

Still, it’s very hard rock/heavy metal! Only thing harder would be to use old glass eyes for shock value… Or teeth. But nahh.

I decided that Yueqing Omter Electronic & Technology Co., Ltd could hook me up and that more could be had from
Yueqing Fengxing Electric Factory or
Yueqing Ruitai Electronics Co., Ltd as well as from as “diverse” sources as
Genphoal Technology Co., Ltd or lego work from
Acme Tooling Co Ltd

If I was a big business I could go on a rampage.


@youkon: I like those knobs. They look very similar to Serge modular ?

btw I’ve spotted a fellow Cirklon owner :smiley:



The Serge Modular uses Davies 1900 knobs. Search for Davies clones and ye shall be rewarded!


for example here


barely on topic:

more strange stuff from NAMM you might enjoy here:


hey nice!
where are you from?
me germany, stuttgart

the knobs are the same as from malekko/ eurorack


Netherlands, Utrecht.

I think I’d use those same knobs if I build a programmer. Looks very good and the resulting extra space seems very useful.


i love those!

got them from mammoth electronics.

lot’s of nice colors available!

they are 1/4" = 0.635 millimeters round shaft.
but i had no problem mounting them on a round shaft 0.6 mm potentiometer as they are screw mounted.
yes, i ordered round shaft potentiometers just for those :wink:

no, i did not pay import taxes to the european union on em. maybe i was just lucky, my total order was a total of 13 €s…




any stores in berlin, with a nice selection of knobs?

i am especially looking for the ones i just posted about.

i saw the black ones in the segor store.



hi peek,

close to südkreuz it is banzai music and they have a lot!