The Good Knob (and Pots + Encoders) Thread


Modified for d-shft KNOB39 - mark painted with black permanent marker, knurled liner removed and shaft expanded with heat shrink tubing.
Caps - futulec TACTBL wihout transparent cap (only aviable rectangular caps)


I’ll post some pics when I get it built, but I’ve had good sucess with the knobs I posted previously and glueing a washer underneath for leds to shine through… Very professional lookin led ring on the cheap!


@oootini: POIDH! :wink:

That got me thinking: Saw off a bit of a round plexiglas staff, paint various bits in black and tool out a cavity for the shaft!

Spiral pattern, lit pointer, biohazard symbol on top? Lots of work, but could be cool…


If you can live with 2mm you don’t need to saw…


woah. two pages and not a single dick joke yet?!


Erm, was thinking about getting pink soft-touch knobs sans indicators (insert joke about nipple play) but it was deemed too distracting.


Are they Soft-Touch?

Very week attempt to derail but thanks for reminding us of our real designation :wink:



@fcd72: They’re only soft touch at first. Weird…



yes! very much better



…a little risqué…trying not to derail…the best album cover ever?


hmm. on the fence… :slight_smile:


Yeah, thankfully music and album covers have come a long way since disco! :slight_smile:

In a desperate attempt to save face and get back on topic; My favourite knobs are the Waldorf ones, though I kind of wish the coloured bits were soft-touch.

I also have this link for OKW in my bookmark toolbar that I saved ages ago which I keep clicking inadvertently every now and then. Most of the better looking knobs that they manufacture seem to be collet fitting and not push-on d-shaft :frowning: however, you can buy most of the knobs directly in denominations of 10 and they also have some interesting enclosures.


Men, this thread is very usefull to me. I like also the essential “the harvestman modular” knobs. Very good rubber feeling. Do you know where to find?
@toadstool. I like waldorf type, where to find?


my Waldorf knobs came from a bulk order organised on the Midibox forums. You could try arranging another bulk order or asking one of the participants if they have some available if you only need a few.
albs are the company that sell them (DK16-190V3), though you may have problems ordering directly from them unless you want to bulk buy hundreds. jojjellito may have a better idea what it is like to buy directly from them. Any hints @jojjellito?


Well, there I was. What’s a boy to do? She came on to me, crying, with her undies in her hand… Hey! Stop daydreaming! It Saturday, but better keep it real for the kids…
The transparent ones and the reds were out at the time so I decided to get a decent amount…

I just e-mailed Albs stating I wanted 100 gray and 100 white ones. Albs came back with a quote to me, I mailed my CC (VISA) details and… I ended up paying less per knob than most MIDIbox bulk orders, but this was in 2008 when the sun and the earth were new and fresh.

There are peeps talking about a bulk over at MIDIbox, but I think it would be best if someone living in Germany could step up and handle the thing (it’s a lot of work and beatches peeps better pay up stat). If I ordered the thing to Sweden we’d end up paying massive postage for the bulk to reach me, then heaps moar as I suspect most people wanting this are either Stateside, in the UK, Germany or France or…


By the looks of their catalogue, I think that Mony Industrial in Taiwan seem to make new knobs that are very similar to the soon disapperearing Re’An P300 and P670 series. The Re’an P670 has the same measurements as the official Davies Moulding (Mouser)/Multicomp(Farnell) knobs, but are for T18 shafts if you get them from Rapid in the UK. Just made some lifetime buys of 100 of each color of the P300 and the P670. The modular future panels will eat knobs like there’s no tomorrow.


OKOKOK… ill do it. Anyone for the clear ALBS Knobs?

So now for the Rules:

Anyone who wants ALBS Knobs please send me a Mail at fcdaniels (ät) me (pünktschen) com.

Please tell me exactly how many knobs of what color you like, inquiry open till March 15th.

Ill then get a Price, publish it here and come back to you with a PayPal Bill. I will wait another week for Payment and then order, regardless of waiting for anyones Payment. If you are late in the game you loose and your order is canceled (and refund if paid to late) - I’m a bit tight on time and can’t afford to eMail you frequently just to remind you and its unfair agains all others who paid in time.

Ill pack the Bags and Ship via Standard Mail as default, shipping will be 5€ Minimum or whatever it takes to fulfilll your wishes.

Edit: Looked up an old eMail, Prices will be 0,98/Each, presumably less with larger orders.


30 each öf clear red and clear bluë please! And 20 ordinary clear onês.

/Great Garbo