The Good Knob (and Pots + Encoders) Thread


hmmmm… grayscale’s easter egg to visitors with a mutable instruments referrer? does it show flash gordon costumes or kiss masks to visitors from makenoise?


That’s… really odd… Made me laugh!
He’s playing airsynth all wrong, though…


> He’s playing airsynth all wrong, though…

He isn´t even a Hippy :smiley:


Has anyone used alibaba for knobs? I’m getting quite tempted by the Daier 1900h copies since I realised they can go on the little pots Korg use on the Volcas and SQ1 and they do clear ones… The rate I’m going through knobs, I could probably do with a hundred clear and a couple of hundred coloured…


I would like to find something like this for cutoff freq. I always liked those “precision” looking pots with wide metal skirts and markings, even if they are just lines :slight_smile:

Or i just need to find some nice safe dials :slight_smile:


Something similar what I have seen.


For more Digital Precision

For more accurately analog steplessness


Oooh! That first one! Imagine how cool it would look if you can adjust it to show the value. ( 0 to 123 ) :smiley:


Encoder-knobs… Why in hell is it so hard to find decent ones? Have my Google-fu gone bad?

I’m simply looking for “modern” looking ones that is available in different sizes, like 30mm, 20mm and 15mm

As an example, For filter parameters I might want a “big” knob for cutoff, a bit smaller for resonance and then 2 smaller for other parameters



And apologies if this question was previously answered in the thread and I have not been able to find it by searching; I’m wondering if anyone can tell me what knobs Olivier uses for the Mutable Eurorack modules? I am exploring the possibility of replacing the original fuchsia and turquoise knobs on some of my older modules with the white ones being rolled out in the newer modules. Can anyone identify the part number of the new white knobs, in the different sizes?

Thanks very much!


See Thonk:
The Mutable knobs have a d-shaft.

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Thanks very much!


Davies makes clones of these now to (at Mouser), way cheaper and the quality is decent


Can you post a link / part number?


Mouser #: 5164-1221-L, 5164-1231-L, 5164-1104, 5164-1227-J etc

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