The Good Knob (and Pots + Encoders) Thread


I think that 15mm is enough. You are going to mount it into panel. So there will be ~13mm shaft for you to use.


Glow In The Dark Knobs & Fader :slight_smile:


Works right! A bit tight but fits good. Thanks @Adrian


Pr0n !!!


Tried one of this knobs for the back volume pot on the Ambika and liked a lot, seems to be just a little bit wider but fits without being loose.


Hey, I’m a bit confused. The BOM for the controller board links to circle shaft knobs, but everything linked in here is basically D-shaft.

Frankly I’m amazed at how the experienced users here are able to order new DIY parts with confidence, the complexity here is overwhelming.


What link to circle shaft knobs do you mean? All Mutable Instruments stuff is build with D-shaft knobs.
You learn ordering the right parts by making mistakes :wink:


At least the farnell part number loads this knob:

I was expecting d-shaft, and then that confused me :slight_smile:


That is the right D-shaft part…
It’s just labeled wrong at farnell… If you look at the manufacturer part number and the corresponding data sheet you see that it is D-shaft.


BTW most Knobs with screw fit on D-shaft Pots, the other way round is way harder……


But knobs with screw on a D-shaft often don’t stay centered when turning them.


@shiftr, you’re right, it’s a bit irritating. Sometimes I make a small shim to go inside the knob to centre it a bit.


Hi guys,

great thread! I was hoping someone with a lot of experience can give me some knob advice on two issues:

1) I’m looking for a small knob or a integrated pot+knob to use as a front panel trimmer (not a main control), similar to some those used on Intellijel modules. I’ve found the ALPS RK09RK133 (, but I would prefer a more clear (white!) pointer to indicate position. Any suggestions?

2) I’m also looking for suitable “main control” knobs for Eurorack modules. Since eurorack easily gets cramped, I’d like them to be small, soft-touch (rubber coating) and with a clear pointer. The ones used by Clavia are a great example of what I’m looking for. Any ideas?




1) When I built my x0xi0 (the fully extended x0xb0x) from BCAudio I was told to get a fine tipped white marker. Carefully I painted the pot indicators and they turned out great!

2) There are several look-alikes to the good old Re’An P670. You can get them at Rapid Online in the UK, you can get similar stuff from Sifam/Selco or from Mouser or from Cliff or…


does anyone know what type knobs I can use with slide potentiometers with a LED in the shaft. ie:



Those sliders are usually naked, there are precious few (I found none) transparent slider knobs. Maybe the LED light will make it though a Chroma Cap by DJTechTools Otherwise you have a nice product idea if you can front someone custom molding a few thousand slider caps.


Just thought I’d add a couple here, just in case it’s of help to anyone.
Rean P400 and P401 from grayscale which seem at a decent price.
And these

up on "ebay”: - they also have them in blue, and the tops come off easily so you can reposition them.
I tracked those ones down to Cliff knobs, but about the cheapest I could find them 20-30pence for the body and top each…
If anyone sees them cheaper anywhere, I’d be interested.

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The grey scale link links to this image.

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