The Good Knob (and Pots + Encoders) Thread


Where did you find those pots?
They look great ! :slight_smile:


Actually they aren´t manufactured anymore, at least from that specific manufacturer. Don´t know wether someone else might produce them. Gladly got them from a leftoverstock.


@FG445 have you bought something from fk-industrie?
What are the prices and MOQ’s?


Anyone have any tips for 25mm encoders with <2mm lugs? I’m really struggling to find one for my self-source Shruthi. The Alps one I have (EC12E2424407) is great, only 5mm too short for the metal cases. The 24PPR/24-click Bourns one from Mouser (PEC11R-4220F-S0024) is the right height, but the lugs are 0.5mm too wide to go through the PCB.


30mm Mouser


I’ll ask the price from GG445 link for bigger quantity.


uh oh, that encoder adrian linked to already has an “end of life” notice - so get them while you can!


Thanks Adrian.

Mic – hopefully the new 12R series will have arrived by the time these run out.


New 25mm ones should be avalible in mid November.


@csl: I got those Bourns encoders as well (cheap on ebay), but I’m guessing it cannot be too hard to get rid of that extra 0.5mm on the two lugs.


onlinecomponents also has the old 25mm in stock.


And digikey has the ones with 30mm shaft


Also tti has the longer ones.
Only bad thing is that all of them are located in USA.


To not derail the MI Ambika Metal Cases thread I need some advice on the pot and the knob to put volume on the back. Specially, if possible, to match the standard knobs.

So i’ve to found a pot with D-Shaft or a knob without if i’m not wrong…


The standard knobs are also available in a knurled fashion… Finding a knurled panel mounted pot is a lot easier. But panel mounted D-shaft pots are also available.


This should fit.


Thanks, I will check for the knurled knob…


Just to share my experience with PEC11 Bourns encoders.
I know these do not fit the MI PCBs. But in case some of you would still want to use them while cutting the 2 lugs that maintain the encoders on the board, be very careful when you try to remove the knobs from the encoders.
I find it sometimes difficult to remove a knob from those encoders and I killed 1 or 2 while trying to remove the knob. This is no problem if the 2 lugs are soldered tho… so think twice before cutting the 2 lugs :wink:


You can also carefully trim the 2 mounting lugs so that they fit. It is an imperfect solution, but it worked for me on my MI Euro module tester and still gives you some extra security :slight_smile:


i had not realized the one @Adrian suggested is d-shafted but i’m affraid is a bit short (15mm) also can’t find knurled version of the standard knobs or something close (on mouser or reichelt if possible)