The Good Knob (and Pots + Encoders) Thread

In this Thread you can post about your Favourite Knobs. Please include a Pic, which type it is (D-Shaft with Orientation of the Mark / Knurled / with Screw, Diameter etc…) and where you got it.

Also, if you made bad experiences please tell us about it but please put a WARNING SIGN on your Post :wink:

Classic Moog-Style Bakelite Knob with Aluminium Insert, 21mm diameter at the Base, 6mm Axis with a Screw, fits on all Shruthi Related Pots.
Drawback: if you mount the Pot on the Panel you may have to cut the Axis as the Knobs are a bit Flat.

Get it here

Got it off a bulk order at MIDIbox, came from the american distie Selco.
These are SIFAM 4/04/DR 110 006

D-shaft. Indicator line opposite of the rounded part ( south north orientation).

Re’an P400 - left above. Got mine both for T18 and D-shaft from Mouser when they had them. Alas, no more! Also got some sans indicator line for encoders (P401) in case I want a Sammich-stylee Shruthi-1.

Albs DK16-190V3. Got mine off bulk orders at MIDIbox as well as directly from Albs Germany. D-shaft lovely pointerless for encoder use.

As you can see the transparent ones can be made into pure porn…

nice! spent ages recently looking for a nice set of “no indicator” knobs for rotary encoders. this was the best i could come up with:

basically, the knobs from a machinedrum.

not cheap (€29 for 9), but real nice. standard d-shaft.

Used these for my Programmer. Decided to keep the same style knob as the classic shruthi.

16mm, knurled, bigass pointer


This space is intentionally left Blank (removed double posted Pic)

thanks fcd. fixed wile you fixed. space folded & world devoured in a black hole centralized on the Shruthi forum.

PS Jojjelito: I absolutely adore your porn! Those are definitely going in my next build (whatever that may be)

ok, I must know, where does one get those backlit pots?

If you have the Knobs i have the Frontplate

lovely i have those knobs! Neuropa case & Albs knobs <3

fcd it will never end!

I will keep this in mind if I decide to build the polivoks. That would look pretty kickass in red.

Re’an Flexifit, got them via Conrad. Fits D-shaft and 6mm via an adapted. Very good grip and feel, comes in two sizes and red, blue or greyish colors, always with a with marking.

Anyone got any linkage to some other no-line knobs for led/clear shaft encoders? Very little in the way of choice out there it seems. There are some clear knobs on adafruit but they are fugly…

maybe this

How do the backlit knobs work? Do you need an extra LED? Do they contain an LED? Is there extra load on the Shruthi?

Speaking of which, I’ve seen clear shaft pots and encoders. Taiwan Alpha series RV09 can be had with clear shafts, place a SMD LED under the pot for the ultimate pimp factor. D-shaft, T-18 and 40 teeth is available. Wonder if anybody stocks these or if we should gang up? Mouser only have their 14mm clear shaft pots, plus illuminated slide pots as far as I could quickly see.

Alpha Products Inc (USA) has 12mm D-shaft pots with integrated LEDs (3RP/120LN) and 12mm encoders with both D-shaft and knurled w/ integrated LEDs (3EN/122LN-D/K single LED /LS-D/K dual LED).

Bourns has the PEL12-series 12mm encoders with 1,2 or 3 LED colors… Most are found at Digi-key, some at Mouser.

At least I know how I could pimp out my own control panels :slight_smile: Now, add some LED rings and OLEDs and we’re good to go.

Oh, the backlit knob porn pic above (also with a color-filtered VFD) is from my friend Hawkeye over at the MIDIbox forum. Mine is green, but my troubles with my green 4x20 OLED plus my need for a proper power supply and my backlog makes mine sit and wait for now… Thus no porn pic. Altitude has posted some really groovy pics of this though… Search :slight_smile:

The idea is that the knobs are partly transparent and we jig up a small LED ring with 3 LEDs around the pot/encoder. This means an extra load of some tens of mA from the positive rail.
Non-transparent knobs can have this cool aura between the knob and the panel if there’s some light leakage around the shaft (wait a minute, did that last part come out right?)

My version works with simple 3mm LEDs round the axis, the only problem is you need a Laser to cut the holes :wink:

No fancy Pots, no complicated to solder SMT LED Rings… just 3 3mm LEDs

$0.50 KNOB13, $0.35 KNOB8, $0.25 KNOB39 from futurlec and two from local dealer, also aviabe @ ebay

and $0.25 TACTWHT switch cap from futurlec - good for smth like this:

just print labels on transparent film and insert into it

(Also you can see the dull grayish-blue d-shaft knobs, only aviable here. …dream of Re’an P401 =))