The Fool Hanged In March

Utterly garbage week, full on life implosion, everything has been thrown into the woodchipper.

Still, today I managed to get my case moved and setup and gently pushed the wheels into motion. Rings x2 and Plaits doing their thing alongside 3 Sisters.

If anyone has any positive energy to share, now is absolutely the time I will look back on in years to come and marvel that I survived through.


sorry to hear about that :confused:. Thanks for sharing your art and I hope you feel better.

Eat something, drink some water, etc–really does help.

Yeah really sorry to hear that too! No idea what were/are the causes, but in my experience we humans are a lot tougher than we think we are. And you, as most other people here on the forum, have one thing that is a big help: making music. I know for sure that it helped me get over some hard times. Sometimes all you need is something to either get your mind off things, or a way to channel some negative energies into something positive so that it does not destroy you, but creates something instead. But I see you are already doing that! :slight_smile:
As banal as it may sound and as hard as it sometimes is to do so, staying positive is probably the best way to overcome anything.

Hey Dave, hope it’s not too bad. Positive thoughts from Paris; still listening to your music regularly.

The fact that you’re releasing music like a madman is admirable! I keep getting the notifications, and enjoy listening to your tunes. It inspires me to get some stuff together to publish on bandcamp. Some good advice here, so I don’t have much to add. Find something positive to focus on, and the rest will follow.