The Fist Of The Aleatorian Order

A new piece that uses both my lovely lovely Rings modules.

It uses the bottom output of the Doepfer A118 set just on a knife edge of triggering the A149-1, if the voltages goes above the trigger threshold, it causes (or sometimes doesn’t) a nice ripple of voltages which I’m quanitizing with the A156 and then sending to Rings. I totally love the way it produces strummed chords because of the somewhat spazmodic output from the 149-1.

The other Rings is being fed noise to it’s input, filtered through Ripples and then Blinds.

Theres some modulation on assorted bits from Batumi, other than that it’s just recorded straight into a zoom H4 through a crappy behringer desk with strymon BlueSky and ElCap’s on the busses.


Listening right now at work, filled the room with a calm and delight. Really good as usual Dave, thanks!

love the headspace you just dropped me into

Lovely, just lovely!

Ahh, thanks for taking the time to listen and for the kind words.


Ah super. Your releases are always super calming.Thanks.

This is beautiful. Thank you for these calming sounds.

It feels like I could listen to this for hours and hours without it getting old. It’s a rare feeling I only had with a couple pieces of music so far - when I first listened to Brian Enos “Music for Airports” (with the piano theme) - or Wilcos “One Sunday Morning”. It’s as if the music is just exciting enough to get me hooked for hours - but not too characteristic or repetitive to be annoying after some time.