The Easter eggs have hatched: Ornaments & Crimes


Another very nice explanatory blog post and video about O&C by Joe at Voltage Control Lab in LA:

Blog post


Braids quantiser and scales code, repurposed:

Blog post


Just to update this thread…

Information about Ornament & Crime can be found at

v1.3 firmware is now in beta release, final version in a week or two. Details of changes and additions since v1.0 can be found here:

Perhaps the most exciting addition to v1.3 is the automated per-channel closed-loop VCO tracking compensation facility. This will make even very badly-tracking VCOs behave acceptably, at least in terms of pitch accuracy, through a switchable 11 point piecemeal adjustment table for each output channel (in addition to the underlying output voltage calibration tables, which are still there, of course).

Allied to that, O&C can now act as a super-accurate frequency meter, tuner (with settable reference frequencies for those who prefer historical chamber music pitch or those who think that A440 tuning is a conspiracy even worse than chemtrails or the moon landing hoax…).

Oh yeah, and an awesome chord progression sequencer!


440 the number of the beast
Hell and fire was spawned to be released


Mutable Instruments code, embedded in Ornament & Crime, for Buchla (see for details):


I would just add a request that I have already sent to @BennelongBicyclist in private.

Add a mode that can use the new calibration mode in braids where timbre and colour cna be used to accurately track triads.

PLEASE!!! :heart_eyes:


Lately I found myself wondering if O&C could replicate the infamous Buchla 266 Quantised Random Voltages/Stored Random Voltages. I find CV control over the distribution of notes particularly interesting.
(I don’t have a O&C module but I will as soon as I’m confident with SMD soldering)


No, provision of CVable probability distributions was never implemented in O&C - the lack of hardware floating point maths support on the processor used in O&C made such implementation more difficult, and it remained on the to-do list. It is definitely on the cards for a successor to O&C, if you there is one. Of particular interest would be multivariate conditional distributions.

That said, for pitch CV, a degree of autocorrelation is highly desirable, so perhaps a Brownian motion/random walk CV source with CV over mean and variance of each step would be useful. Even better is a Markov chain generator, and even better than that is a factor oracle generator.


Thanks for the explanations. I might be wrong but I believe that the Doepfer A149 is based on an ATMega so I assumed that it was doable on O&C.


CVable probability distributions is not that computationally expensive - you can use precomputed tables of inverse cdfs, and interpolate between those the same way you’d do with wavetables.


I was thinking of CV over mean, variance, skewness and kurtosis. I was stumped as to how the last two could be done with look-up tables, but there are probably simple transforms. Anyway, there’s no longer enough space to implement this in O&C, but it could readily be done in O&C’s sister module, Temps Utile. Hmmmm, or in DMC (sans CV over the distribution parameters, just a knobby interface).

Edit: thinking about it some more, power transformations of a Normal distribution would probably suffice, and could be used in conjunction with a LUT.


Just to note that v1.3.0 firmware for Ornament & Crime has been released.

The CHANGELOG is here.

The user manual is here.

Other details, including DIY build or buy ready-made instructions, elsewhere on the O&C website.


Wow, a pretty substantial release! Great, the parts for my module have just arrived a few days ago - time to start building it finally! Thank you very much!


@BennelongBicyclist This module looks great! I’m also interested in Temps Utile / Terminal Tedium. I’ve been tinkering with teensy based / raspi based audio modules (not euro though, just standalone) in the past and hope to learn more about how to enable them for eurorack from building your modules.

We also hope to port a granular processor a friend has written for his thesis to eurorack, that runs on raspi. Let’s see how that goes : )

Where’s a good place to get PCBs and Panels? I saw modular addict offers them … Located in Germany, would prefer to buy somewhere in the EU if possible and someplace you guys are involved / can profit from the sales.


O_c is really a great module,lovin’it ! thanks to you guys to make it happen : )
@groovelastig you can get pcb directely from mxmxmx on muff.for panels there’s many options modularaddict is a good one cheap and fast shipping.