The daedly creative block

hello everyone
it has been a quite long time now that I feel I’m facing what can be called a creative block…
every single track I make sounds lame to me and it seems I can’t come out with any interesting idea

does anyone have or had the same problem? how do you face it and/or how did you managed to solve it?


Stop doing what you are used to and do it differently… Start doing something you haven’t got any clue how to do it.


thank you for the tip @shiftr

@pichenettes thanks for the link, there are some interesting suggestions in there indeed

Actually a feel a (short) block often happens just before starting something new and interesting…

One interesting strategy - and one related to my desicion to move from software to hardware - is to impose limitations on your working process. Perhaps just using one specific synth to make a track, or don’t use any effects at all, etc. Creativity, for me, comes with the need to navigate through limitations. Like, ehhrIdontknow, Robinson Crusoe…?

mh yep sometimes I feel overwhelmed by “what I could possibly do” with all the effects and stuff (especially in Ableton) too, might be a good starting point

Make a track with just one synth… Generate all sounds from there including effects…

I put myself on a challenge between the FAC TV Against the Clock series and the spanish producer Pina Friday I’m in Drone in wich every friday post a new drone song.

I’m more focused on spending a couple of hours with the synths than making the perfect track.

Also for myself the “against the clock” factor is when children came from the park in the afternoon, so i force to do everything in a couple of hours.

If someone is curious you can hear the first to chapters here

If you’re into more experiment/research oriented things, subscribe to this email-group-project and try to work on some of the challenges that get proposed there:
it’s a pretty cool thing!

Thanks will check out!

Some time ago while i was also in the situation not knowing what music or track to make a friend of mine said to me "OK, i’ll offer you €10000 if you can make an original track by tomorrow morning,… think you can make it?"
Of Course he wasn’t really going to give me the money he made a good point. Sure i was going to be able to make a good and original track and i probably would work whole night at it too.

But you didn’t?!