The combination of Elektron Analog Four and Mutable AMBIKA - Sequencer, CV all that stuff

Hi. I don´t want to mess up things by putting up another post about the question which one is better. I´m currently using both and I think it´s a great thing to combine those two pieces.
I´m using the ambika like a “normal” synth. The Elektron somehow made me connect to sequencing things a lot more. ( weired ey ? )
Whatever - here´s my question …
I want to sequence my ambika with the elektron. You can do stuff like that via CV Outs of the Analog Four. But I´m missing the note on and off controllers to just sequence notes from my ambika. I can use it as a drone via cv of course. I did a bit of research about triggering notes via CV.
But somehow I don´t get it. The Elektron does not give out MIDI Note on Controllers via CV. How is that to be done then ? Do I have to get a CV to MIDI Controller to connect that midi signal to my Ambika ??? Doesn´t make much sense to me. Elektron could just send the CV Track in form of MIDI Data, but they don´t right now. I spoke to the guy at musikmesse and he said it might be possible in upcoming software updates.
I have the same problem with my moog sub phatty which has cv inputs. Drone shit, too. No Notes.
My goal is to sequence and trigger notes from my external gear with the elektron machine. I like the way the sequencer works and of course those buttery potis on the elektron but don´t want to sequence my ambika from cubase.
I hope this does make sense to some of you. I know, I´m having serious first world problems here.

forgot to mention that ( of course ) I didn´t connect the CV Outs to my ambika. I just want to know how I can convert that stuff to something my ambika understands …

Maybe you should ask this kind of questions on the Elektron forum?
To me it sounds a bit weird that you can’t use the sequences on the midi out? And that CV doesn’t do notes… my guess is you are missing something.
But for your ambika you would need midi out. CV 2 Midi would be silly indeed in this case.
I can recommend sequencing you ambika with the MidiAlf.

Someone who has an A4 might give you more up to date information, but in its first release, the A4 did not provide any option for sequencing external MIDI gear - which is absolutely silly. Shame!

^ what he said :frowning:

so close to being perfect!

You need an octrack.

Yup, currently no MIDI note output from the sequencer on the Analog series. I really hope that changes eventually…if you do consider an Octatrack, I understand them to have a maximum of 4 voices of polyphony for their MIDI output tracks, so I think you would need two tracks to sequence all 6 voices on an Ambika. I don’t have one of them, though, but I do have an Analog Keys which will have a Shruthi perched on it running through its FX quite soon, once I get a bit further over the Elektron learning curve…but still the hassle of no direct MIDI sequencer control (though the Keys outputs MIDI and CCs when in controller mode)

I know the story about the logistics of making a manufactured flagship synth being a massive challenge, but my dream synth would be basically an 49 or 61 key Ambika keyboard with Olivier’s take on an integrated sequencer, sort of MI’s version of an Ambika plus the control aspects of a Prophet 12 mixed with an Analog Keys.

Correct 4 poly. But you can use 2 of the 8 channels if needed. I’ve got mine as 4voice pad and 2voice bass/lead

The A4 does not do MIDI sequencing. You could use its CV track to sequence the Ambika with a CV-to-MIDI converter but this would be a bit silly as you won’t be able to sequence the Ambika polyphonically.

The Octatrack can be used as a nice pattern-based MIDI sequencer with the limitation that patterns can’t be longer than 64 steps and that polyphony has some limitations (you can do 4-note chords, but they’ll trigger at the same time and have the same length). You can work around these limitations by dedication multiple MIDI tracks on the Octatrack to the same MIDI channel, but this does mean you can’t just record yourself jamming on a keyboard in any meaningful way.

A cheaper way to add MIDI sequencing to your setup might be to pick up a second-hand MPC 1000 or 500.

In the end, your choice should probably depend on the way you plan to work. If you want to use the same “step-oriented” approach as on the A4 for sequencing the Ambika, then you might want to use another Elektron box, if you plan to use a more traditional approach, then the MPC route might make more sense.

As always, I’d also recommend reading the relevant sections of the manuals to get a better idea of how everything works.

Just wanted to add that I do own all the pieces of gear mentioned. Also, routing the Ambika through the external inputs of the A4 and taking advantage of its effects is a very nice setup; especially the chorus on the A4 has a great classic feel that works extremely well with strings and pads from the Ambika.

Hey thanx for your replies. Like I said - I spoke to the guy of elektron at musikmesse and he montioned that it might be possible in upcoming updates. He also said that it might be possible to send a real MTC instead of a midiclock only which would be awesome because i could clock my cubase with that signal then. That´s another thing I could hardly believe. You can not sync Cubase externalyl without MTC. No Midi Clock Sync.

That MIDI Alf seems quite interesting. Thanks for the hint…

>> I can recommend sequencing you ambika with the MidiAlf.

I second this. Finished my Alf this weekend and it’s a pretty deep sequencer and fun and immediate to boot.

This should help. It helped many in the Elektron Forums.

was not aware of the midiAlf. Looks like a great sequencer might have to build one when I get some time to do so :slight_smile: