The clearance sale starts!

In the country field of the checkout form, my country (Greece) was mising :frowning:
Can that be chhanged for next weeks stuff?

Done. No idea what happened here :thinking:

Thanks to the clearance sale, my Mutable row is finally full :slight_smile:

Next purchase will be bag for the patch cable spaghetti…


I’m very much interested in obtaining a cv pal, is there any use in me mentioning this?

I have 2 of them somewhere on my desk… I’m not sure the time spent checking and recalibrating them is worth the few euros I could get from them.

thank you for your reply, I can imgagine it not worth being the trouble, if it helps, I’m willing to take the risk of getting them as is

i would be also highly interested in the other one from the 2. :sun_with_face:

Whatever I can fix/repair will be put on the store.

As a reminder, no B2C transaction outside of the store!

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