The clearance sale starts!


above 350€: free shipping.
below 350€: 25€ shipping to the EU, no shipping outside of the EU.


No Paypal, credit card only!

General rule

Don’t expect this to be a smooth shopping experience. My goal was to offer a slightly less wasteful experience than throwing everything to the trash, that’s all.

I won’t group your orders, cancel items, change this or that.

Everything must go quickly.


Hello–for some reason it’s saying it can’t ship to my (home) address in the U.S. Is this expected behavior?

See this!

Of course! I did (edit: yesterday, haha), then forgot! :expressionless:

Will there be further additions to the NOS modules or is this it?

Maybes some Ripples and Beads next week, then this is it!


Bloody Brexit​:sob::sob::sob::sob:
Any way we can manage something for us poor UK residents?


Sadly I was too late to bag myself a second Elements. Oh well, just have to watch Reverb and Ebay . . .

The constraints I have set accurately reflect the threshold at which the paperwork and administrative hassles are just not worth it for me.


We got our blue passports, xenophobia and billions lost in trade and tax revenue, what more can we ask for? :wink:

Unless I completely misunderstood the clearance sale shipping policy – and I’m not ruling that out –orders above €350 included shipping outside the EU.

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Orders above 350€ ship to the UK. Chopper’s complaint was for the smaller orders, right?


Some products (mostly NOS units) have been added to the online shop.

Most interesting find: Ripples "configurable" prototype – Mutable Instruments' clearance sale

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@pichenettes is it possible to delay dispatch til after Christmas? I’m moving house in 2-3 weeks and worried i might not get the package if the timing is a bit chaotic. I know not ideal, and I know you don’t want complications. I’d just really like a branches and an elements :heart_eyes:
Otherwise do you think they would arrive to the UK before the 16th Dec? Thanks!

No, this stock must disappear before November 30th.

Do you think they would arrive in the uk before 16th Dec? Otherwise i will try and post to my friend in France. Thank you!

That’s kind of cute.

I’m shipping with DHL, they will arrive on Thursday.


Is this all of the stock now or will more be added?

I had one of the Ripples prototypes in my cart and went back to grab something else to make the cutoff for shipping to the US…but then the proto was suddenly sold out. Should’ve moved faster, I guess.

A handful of things next week (maybe some Beads, CVpal, Braids)… but the bulk was added last week and today.


So happy to get my package from the clearance sale - cables & autographed manuals, such a nice keepsake to have - but also some completely unexpected extras! OMG too much, what a lovely surprise!


That sideways mounting is tripping me out :rofl: