The Burning Black Breath On The Back Of Your Neck

The first time in over a month that I’ve been able to force myself to sit down and conjure. I’ve actually been making jewellery the last month or so as it’s a physical process and I can just sort of turn off my brain and saw/hammer/solder without having to dig too deep into the creative space that also contains a good bunch of the dark things.

Marbles, New Tides, Elements, Old Tides, Blinds x2, Braids, Plaits, Warps, Clouds, Rings x2, Shades, Ripples plus uVCF, Batumi, O+C and PNW.


This is just a tiny selection of the stuff I’ve made. I’ve only been doing this for maybe 6 weeks now but have kinda just picked it up and run with it. Most of the stuff so far I’ve made out of old electrical wire and water pipes, at some point I may treat myself to some silver sheet but there’s not really much point at the moment.


Nice stuf here, i realy like the last ring, how did you proceed to have a torsion which stay continue al around ?