The Burned Temple

The Devoted stay and chant as the Priestess burns the temple around them.

My life is still in a awful place, this is the first time I’ve managed to drag myself to the synth in a few weeks I guess.

Marbles is the heart here, the X+Y outs are sending long, smooth CV to 4 channels of Blinds to process Plaits (chord mode), Rings (filtered noise to external in), Braids (VFOF) and Tides.

There’s also a little choral bit of Clouds in here too though uVCF’s hpf and some modulation from somewhere drifting it in an out.

The t outs are triggering another Rings and the sequencer on the SH01a.

Assorted modulation from Batumi.


This has been this afternoons work soundtrack. I like to listen to immersive music while doing illustration work. Thanks for sharing!

I really enjoyed listening to this. Loving the slow Marbles pieces.