The boomerang anushri

This is really funny.
I had to sell my anushri for rent - was a really regrettable sale as I’ve come to love that yellow bastard. Wild it is. Anyway I sold it to a guy who was upper understanding and nice about it all. So he lives in Oakland in the us and I live in Melbourne Australia so I sent it off and it just kept bouncing around the us postal service. So literally the most travelled package ever in the history of postage the little anushri has become and my little boomerang just arrived at my door. So I sold it, the dude paid me, I paid the bill, PayPal paid him, anushri arrives back after holiday. Boomerang.

Probably it was meant to be like this.

Great news!
Paypal payed your rent, and you got the mailmen to thank for “expediting” your Anushri

It was pining for the fjords billabongs.