...the biggest speaker system of the world

Well, maybe this is NOT,
…the biggest speaker system of the world.
BUT the newest in tuning a microkorg the simple way.
Voilá, microkorg_little_bits .

Welllll, yes, there may be bigger speakers. But: how much fun are these little bits? Just half-an-hour-fun or a little more?

LotZ more.
I got that as usually from this forum,
and thought I had 2 try out. Arrived here in HH friday,
just in time 4 friday session.
I used only these 2 and 1 anushri + 1 shruthi = BIG fun.
Of course on quite bigger speaker system…
And even this ultra-tiny speaker is somewhat cool 4 standalone use.

HH … soo: can I check them out? Im in Wintherhude. What about that tiny sequencer? Having Big Fun sounds like Inner City :wink:

Bergedorf ! Come in find out. 73925225.
well sequencer is 4 steps only, but fun.
It’s a nano-modular-system, with magnetic locks
inbetween modules.
I want a braids in that format !