The Big Picture


I want them
Good job pichennettes :slight_smile:

really really great job!

looks really great! superb job :slight_smile:

its so pretty!

I predict more clear cases when these start being built. I wouldn’t want to cover those up.

^^ Yeah, that’s what I said!
I’m already looking into prototyping a case for this, but it might not manifest itself in a physical form, considering I like to get “real world” dimensions and the Shruthi-1 might be a bit out of my reach, monetarily. We’ll see!
I’m excited though. The populated boards with the LCD look amazing!

Haha yeah sorry Glitched, you did :slight_smile:

I found that thread a little late, hence my new topic about polychaining also.
Now I login to read.

Agreed- and though I was sure I preferred the red screen, I think now I’m swayed to green. Looks great as a ‘sum of it’s parts’.


Some questions:

1 - Will these ship with the standoffs and screws required to put the boards together? Obtaining the standoffs for the Shruti-1 turned out to be a surprisingly awkward process (although rosch helped out a lot with an order to so it might be nice to have those included this time. I understand why they weren’t part of the Shruti-1 kits, to allow people more freedom to build whatever cases they wanted, but the Shruthi looks a lot more “self contained”.

2 - Ponoko cases. This is probably something for the guys who went with this option with the Shruti-1, but is anyone planning on doing the same for this one? How long will it take to get a working design together? I can imagine a fair bit of interest in a design for a perspex case - perhaps just a faceplate to screw onto the top board to keep the dust off, but ideally a SammichSID type one with interlocking teeth for the sides and bottom as well… From looking at these photos I can say right now that I’d be interested in getting the designs for such a case, or buying one off someone who does a bulk order.

3 - The bottom board: I can see there’s the SMR-4 board and the CEM3379 board to choose from, but I’m still trying to get a handle on what other sorts of boards might eventually be possible. Would it just be different types of filters, or could there be other types of components? I’ve got a SID chip kicking around that needs a new home and I’d love it to go into something like this :smiley:

4 - I think I’m being stupid, but where is the ATMega644p? I can’t see it.

1 - I can get those at a nearby hardware shop, so there’s no reason why I wouldn’t ship them.

2 - This is something I want to learn to design and I might give it a shot ; but obviously if something cool comes from the people on this forum that would be great. The kit for the Shruthi-1 is expected to have a longer life (all the parts are standard and easy to find), which means more people here, and more chances of seeing new contributions !

3 - The audio board gets the raw oscillators signals, CVs for cutoff, resonance, VCA gain, and 2 extra CVs. It can sends up to 4 CVs. So any combination of filters, waveshapers, VCAs, and CV effects is possible. Another thing that might be worth investigating: an envelope follower sending the envelope signal as a CV. This board doesn’t have to be the same size as the top board - it could be larger to accommodate extra jack connectors for the CV and the voltage clamping circuitry. A SID wouldn’t fit in this picture - it receives very specific digital signals - it doesn’t mesh well with the pseudo analog world of the Shruthi…

4 - The ATMega644p, the optocoupler for MIDI, and the external eeprom chip are on the other side of the top board. The pads of the ATMega644p are below the LCD module. I’ll post pictures of that. This makes the assembly a tad more difficult, but not overtly so.