The big MIDI dispatcher/merger

I find myself constantly rewiring my MIDI stuff: drum machine, recorder, synth wo keys, synth with keys, computer DAW, and so on. Depending how the stuff interacts I have to reconfigure what acts as clock master, picking midi channels, …

Quickly checking the market, I can find rather expensive thru-boxes, dumb merge boxes, but nothing that can act a bit smarter and do some configurable filtering as well (i.e. filter cc or nrpn)

I would imagine something with about 4 inputs, 8 or 12 outputs, configurable filtering, dispatching one midi clock to all outputs, doing something like shruthi polychain mode dispatching notes over a number of channels or outputs, …
Do you think it would be worth starting a DIY on a box like that to controls all MIDI gear in the studio or is MIDI a legacy standard anyway and not worth building something around it anymore?

What do you think about a ‘midibud xxxl’?

I guess the Midibox-ng ( ) or another related Midibox-project (maybe even the previous version?) could fulfill your requirements, though I didn’t look too far into Midibox stuff.

I’m planning a similar project like you, but I’ll use my Raspberry Pi just for pragmatic reasons (don’t need to buy or import anything). I think it’s still worth to “build something around” MIDI, but nowadays it’s important - at least for me - to cover also bridging between MIDI, USB and LAN (maybe even WiFi for mobile devices with TouchOSC, too). Actually it’s already working for me, but the configuration is hardcoded and there are a lot of wires - it would be nice to add some buttons and/or a display to configure routings dynamically (or at least, to choose between static configurations) and integrate everything in a chassis, maybe even together with a Shruthi.

I’m using a MOTU “Midi timepiece” and i’m pretty happy with it.
It has 8 ins and 8 outs and is fully configurable. There is filtering, routing and a whole bunch of other stuff i don’t use.
You can save configurations and i think its easy to use.

Only problem: you will have to find a used one. But at least in germany they pop up on ebay regularly.

You need a MIDI interface using Copperlan.

Can do all sorts of routings and seeing as it is Ethernet based you can use your iPad with it. There’s even an iPad control app.

I actually have a MOTU Timepiece if anyone wants it. Not really bothered about getting money for it.

@6581punk: Which generation of timepiece? I still have my non USB one with the box, haha. I use it with my legacy PCs.

MTP AV. It has USB. I spent about 2 minutes with playing with the interface and thought “this sucks”. If stuff can’t do what I want quickly then it’s no use to me.

@6581punk: I will PM you my address and we can work out shipping. :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks for the copperlan info! This might just be what I need!
My Unitor/AMS8 combination is not up to the job of patching everything.

I’ve got two 8x8 interfaces and their Euro-rack interface (MS-812) which is very powerful. Certainly better than USB IMHO.