The best $16 I've spent in a while/ Desoldering on the cheap

Tenma Vacuum Desoldering

MCM is somehow affiliated with the whole Newark/Element14 network so I ended up with one of their catalogs recently. They are out of Cleveland so I get stuff in Michigan the next day so I gave the big book a good thumb through when I cam across this thing. The reviews were good and hell, for $16 i’ll give it a whirl. Its a cheapo chinese deal (MCM carries a TON of that stuff, I beleive it’s their house brand) but made well enough, the tip opening is large but you can easily work on 0.100" spaced stuff. The handle is hex shaped so you can just lay it on a table as well (no holder needed). First thing I threw at it was the big PITA desoldering job: LCD. Took about 30 seconds to do and came off clean! If it does nothing better, I am plenty satisfied for $16, especially when taking in consideration the suffering removing those damn displays have caused over the years

Whoa. This looks like a blessing if I have seen one. I’m in Cleveland too so I’ll have one ASAP! I have tainted enough projects with shitty desoldering that this will be a life changer.

Thanks for the tips!

great find! … They seem to have the same one at farnell in europe …

That does seem like a great deal. Thanks for the heads up!

I recently purchased a Hakko 808 kit from B&D. On a pinball forum ,, I am on they were offering a discount for the kit. It was less than $150 shipped. I got an extra tip for larger pin connectors and it was just under $160 total, shipped (in U.S.). One of the best purchases ever. Recovering/removing chips without harm is a breeze. If anyone is interested go to pinside, look up Hakko 808 group buy. They were also offering a discount on digital soldering stations (also Hakko).

+1 for Hakko 808

+2 but this tenma looks to be much more maneuverable. I may have to spend another $16. BTW, when you go to the MCM site they give you a 10% off coupon for your first purchase.

Awwww yea! Down the road from me, think they do free postage in the UK too

obviously this isnt a 808 replacement. $150 for the 808 is good but I dont do enough desoldering to justify that expense, but for $16, this is a no brainer for me

love the 808 number :slight_smile:

Seeing as my desoldering leaves a lot to be desired. Spending £8 is worth it to just give it a try!

Great tip, this! Thanks! :slight_smile:

this seems like a great solution. suckers always suck somehow no matter how good they are. how is it with cleaning?

Haven’t needed to clean it yet. I’ll probably just get a new one if it does clog since there doesnt seem to be any way to get it apart

tips from the review:
“To remove the barrel assembly, lift/pry up the push rod as close to the barrel as possible. Be aware that the internal spring will pop out! IMHO, the 21-8241 tip is the most useful. Grease the barrel and plunger with vaseline to keep the solder from sticking & park in the UPRIGHT POSITION [tip up] to keep the solder from falling back into the heating element. Get some 1/16” music wire at a hobby shop to make a tip cleaner. This desoldering tool is great for home users or one off repair jobs. I plugged mine into a light dimmer to regulate the temperature and idle. Geek1945"

aha… you need to grease those things! I’ve never greased my sucker and it explains why it’s so dirty inside… I also always have the feeling that opening the soldersucker is one of the most unhealthy things about soldering. All that leaded dust coming out can’t be good.

And here is the version with eu plug: Link :slight_smile:

One of the rare occasions a thing is cheaper in the EU than in the USofA

Ack! Only Versand nach Deutschland und Österreich… Frank, can you please order and send me one?

Roger, will come with the Wavetweakalizators!