The apotheosis of my modular endeavour

New track! This one is really the essence of my efforts in eurorack. Simple melodic riff driven by some euclidean pulse, basic trip hop beat, straightforward bassline and a clean melodic line added after recording the patch.

This is what I do. :sunglasses:


I reall really dig structured music made with modulars!
Maybe you should get someone to sing a few lines over it?

Edit: i forgot the “dig” between “really” and “structured” :no_mouth:

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Thanks fellas, it makes me so happy that you took the time to listen and to comment. :blush:

I like how this turned out. Possibly a tad to minimalistic but that’s ok. The main riff is Plaits played by René driven by a euclidean pulse from Pamela´s New Workout. It’s kept interesting by loads of slow modulation, of course. The evolving, alien plucked string sound eights is… you guessed it, Rings. The drums are from the Elektron Rytm. The bassline is Make Noise DPO through Joranalogue Filter 8, sequenced from Ornament & Crime Sequins. The melody is played by hand on my brand new Arturia MicroFreak. So, tons of Mutable Instruments code and some analogue stuff in nice harmony.

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Lisa ,yu use the VPME Euclidian Circles?..Congrats for this nice sound.

Thanks! Nope, for euclidean rhythms I usually use ALM Pamela’s New Workout or Shakmat Knights Gallop. Great modules, especially PNW. :heart_eyes:

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This is the type of relaxing feel-good groove I can really get behind. Thank you for sharing.

Side note, sending sequencers that normally receive regular clock signal an irregular gate pattern instead is one of my all time favorite techniques.

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Yeah, it’s lovely. Most of what I do is truly that and slow modulation. :blush:

Thanks so much, it means the world to me!

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