The Anushri Programmer

I would like one!

Any updates on the programmer? I would be interested in this.

No news on this as i might change the internals a bit…

i’m interested tooooo …

Me 3!

def interested in the drum synthesis kit + enclosure

Everything drum related plus non-eurorack enclosure interests me!

@fcd72 - great work you are doing here, I haven’t settled on Anushri or Shruthi (or maybe even the Doepfer DIY) yet (choices, why must there be so many excellent choices!) but if I go the Mutable way I will definitely be interested in one of your programmer kits.

@ChadPMIK: why don’t you go all the way?

You mean like this? :slight_smile:

That is the end goal, which is why the Anushri seems like a good start… a MIDI to CV module alone from Paia is $122… while that does seem a little more advanced than the one you get with Anushri, Anushri has a synth, drums, sequencer/arpeggiator, etc. It seems like the best value for getting started.

Looking at the Pic above it must sound like some Drone, Blip, Drop, Filter Zip or just Sine…

In the end modulars only make two sounds: broken moped (with or without drone) and drip drop in a cave…

My favourite description of Buchlas…“a $20 000 bongo generator” :wink:

Anushri is a good starter MIDI-CV - use mine a lot for that role with the modular.

You have not enough Modules/Patchcords - it further evolves to one single waveform: Sine.
In the end, old boy, its all Sine™

@fcd72: Isn’t that part of what mr Joseph Fourier discovered very, very long time ago? A typical Fourier series can be approximated with a modular synth patch, or something :slight_smile:

I thought it was all ball bearings nowadays

Hello Mr. Daniels,

I stumbled upon this post and I have to say I am stoked and beyond excited about this project. My question is, is there a waiting list where I can be added to? I would really appreciate it.

Thank you

As you might deduct form the fact that there is no activity in this thread for 2 years this Porject more ore less has passed away……

That is so sad to hear. Anyway, it looked pretty good. Thanks for the response

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Me too