The amazing MI shop

Just got a fresh delivery of goodies from Olivier, direct from the MI shop.

I have to say it really is quite amazing that in a little less than 48hrs these came from Orly, France to Los Angeles, CA – it beats the service of any distributor here in the USA, hands down.

I know Olivier wishes to close the shop and move onto more important projects, but I hope it sticks around for some modules here and there.

Yeah, the worldwide DHL shipping is insanely fast. I’m pretty sure they use time machines. I’m jealous of your haul! Great choices there, good luck with all your new modules!

More modules or shop, choose :slight_smile:

Yes, DHL is crazy fast.

@6581 Yes, Im aware of the options, just a pity dealers close by can’t match Olivier for thoroughness.

Shop is good

Yeah, that’s always been one of the craziest things about MI – the stuff shows up so fast. Of course the other thing is the crazy good design…stuff you never thought could be real.

Well, it’s a more recent thing. Early MI orders used to take a bit longer. Nothing unexpectedly long though, just the usual slowness you expect from state run post services.

I expect that if you asked a dealer to send with a higher cost and quicker courier they would.