The 80s called, they want their synth back

Got something to play on in the office:

Man, this thing is huge and heavy! :wink:

And sexxy and sounds soooo good. I really dig the ePiano Sounds on the JX!

It’s smoooooth. Also:

“The JX-8P offers yet one more amazing function: you can name the patch you created and store it in the JX-8P memory. When the patch is recalled, a newly developed FIP display spells out the patch name.”

Mine looks like it has been on tour with Spinal Tap - right after returning from tour with Slipknot or something worse….

This one looks surprisingly nice still. Everything also appears to be fully functional. And it was not at all expensive.

It’s a shame the 80s obsession with solid state and minimalism coincided with FM and other synthesis types. We would have had much more interesting sounds.

This is just a simple dual osc analogue synth; nothing special there…

And if you switch off the Chorus its rather boring.

Yeah, I’d say the JXes and Junos were all designed around their chorus effects… :wink:

Amazing how similar the design of that and the Kawai K3 are (and lots of others I imagine). I had a K3 for a long time, kinda wish I had kept it. It was in perfect shape, no ripped membrane swiches, barely any scratches. The guy I sold it to sold it a couple of weeks later. I wish I’d known, I would’ve just given him his money back.

It was also really heavy considering its size. We have a Juno 60 now and I think the K3 was much better sounding.

Well, a lot of these mid-80-ish synths look alike because they all try to look like the DX-7. :wink:

The k3 is heavy. It’s a nice board though. The aftertouch is nice and sensitive. I still wish it had a mod wheel.

Beautiful Roland by the way.

I am in the minority of people who don’t use the chorus on those synths it seems. Make sure to get a second JX8P for some four oscillator fun.
I also had a chance to get a K3. It didn’t sound too different from the Korg DSS-1, so I didn’t get it. I do use the K3 waves someone shared here with my DSS-1 though. Close enough. Really, I think some of the waves from the K1 or K4 are the same as on the K3, so in reality I could have just sampled one of those.
I will say that the K3 I am talking about was also bought by someone who sold it for a profit.

I should watch some JX8p videos. I am not really familiar with its sound.

I got mine for $75. It has a bunch of worn spots on the membrane and the velocity is a bit off, but the previous owner gave me a nice print out of the functions. I also have a BCR2000 template that I have not used yet. Too many other projects. I still have the Chroma Polaris restoration to start/complete…

Be sure to also take a look at the JX-10 (Super JX) which is essentially just two JX-8Ps in one. Then there’s also the MKS-70 rack version of that which should be a bit nicer to program since it has The Alpha Dial™.

EDIT: Oh wait, the JX-10 also has one of those. Damn. Now I want to upgrade… :frowning:

Lovely! Stevie Wonder started singing Isn’t She Lovely in the background too. Someone mentioned the Colin Fraser hacks/new EPROM for the JX-10 to make it handle MIDI better like a MKS-70. Wonder if there’s some JX-8P upgrade out there, by say Kiwitechnics?

A friend of mine once had one those. It got interesting as there was a PG800 attached to it with some magnetic tape strips. It did sound very 80s in all sorts of ways. Great pads and string sounds can be had :slight_smile:

Kiwi only offers an update for the JX-3P. A lot of the stuff that’s in there is already available on the JX-8P by default, I think (except for the sequencer and arpeggiator features).

Just going through the presets will immediately and magically transport you back to the 80s. It’s like a time machine, really.

Having lived through the 80s, I’m not so sure I want to get transported back there. The 70s were more fun, at least for me. Prog rock rules!

The 90’s blew.

2 JX8Ps are cheaper than one JX10 so there is that to consider.