The $6000 guitar cable

It can also work with synths I guess!

What can I say.


I want a 10m version. This one is clearly too short.

lol, and next year on NAMM wil be this company with their products

imagine how fantastic your synth will sound with one of these and wood end caps

Is it better for single coil or humbucklers.

I want patch cables made out of this cable, however the shipping costs are too high.

I want patch cables made with this wire too, and I want to hang them around my neck just like Mr T.

That would be killa

Great, something to use with this 20K$ Analog Synth :

Of course, it is German.

Rowlf the Dog?

20k for a Prophet-8

And that video presenter made me like it a little bit less

with 20k one could build a 20 ambika poly chain + pay pichenettes and fcd to make a programmer for it

If I had one of those the last sound I would be playing is some cheesy brass sound. I can get a £50 Casio that does that.

Oh gawd, a clav type sound, what a waste.

I keep expecting the presenter is going to say “It’s groundhog day”.

Yeah that’s probably the lamest gear demo vid in the history of lame gear demo vids.

The vocoder bit was the highlight. But that was the part they said was “digital sounding” like a VA synth.

For that sort of money you want some sort of huge sound, warmth or something.

wait a moment… i’m not sure that Smidth synth belongs to this thread… this synth is completely diferrent kind of specie than those funny expensive cables… sorry but imho the posibilities of this big monster are worth the money… look little bit on specifictions, before you start make jokes from this monster… even ymaha cs80 looks like toy compared to this beast… and it costs so much because it is basically DIY - hand made production … and just FYI there are ![](NO CHIPS) inside, just transistors… 4 VCO per voice… 8 voices … and check oscillator specifications … then you ralose the price isn’t overrated

yes, for same price one can have lot of interesting synths, bud again - first look on specs… you don’t make jokes from lamborghiny or bugatti veyron just because you can buy few BMW´s for the same price :wink: It’s simply targeted to people who have enought $, and who already HAVE all those common analog synths (even the rare ones), and they want something special…

And at the end, i have big respect that somebody designed and builded this synth… i can’t even imagine how enormous amount of work is hiddden inside this monster

here some detailed infos about this synth , for exmple filter section is mindblowing

hi THIS would be mother of all DIY Kits :slight_smile: but the cable is only very expensive crap for stupid people

The point is there’s no point putting a bad driver in a sports car. Yes, the dude can play but he had poor taste. He is demonstrating a premium product by largely playing the sort of demo sounds you’d hear from a DX7 in 1983.

Nobody is dismissing the product, just the demonstration of it. You wouldn’t demonstrate a supercar by driving it to the supermarket and showing the bootspace :slight_smile:

Yeah, not dissing the synth itself but the demo which makes no justice to such a beast.

The key to the comparison with the gold cables being “why paying so much for something that gets the job done,(very basic and not so musical sounds as shown in the demo) at a fraction of the price ?”

how could that guy give that interview with a straight face? “A balanced design with a single end connector?” WHAT? Is it fucking magic? Nice to see the nut job audiophile crazies infiltrate the pro audio world. I bet a nice set of $500 a piece balsa wood volume knobs would sell like hot cakes. every time this comes up, I post this link