The 2014 Short Song Vignette Synth Demo Competition - WE HAVE A WINNER!


First of all, please buy @dnigrin’s K5000R because his For Sale post is where all of this got started. :wink:

The rules are simple:

· Compose a short “song vignette” (maximum length 1 minute, minimum length 15 seconds).
· Use one single specific synth per vignette only.
· Multitracking, basic sampling (no filtering, granular stuff, or other sound mangling), and minimal outboard effects (reverb and delay only) are allowed.*
· Entries made using a Wave will be disqualified immediately.

*This rule exists to level the playing field between a basic analogue monosynth without effects and a multitimbral VA workstation with onboards effects a bit.

The winner would be the vignette that:

1. does the best job demonstrating the capabilities of that specific synth in
2. the most creative/beautiful/entertaining way.

Put your entries online on Soundcloud, YouTube, or Vimeo and link them up here with a photo of your synth no later than the 8th of September 2014 (this was formerly the 1st, but the deadline got extended to allow more people to participate).

Voting will be in the comments, following the same rules as @fcd72’s x-mas song content and the Amiga Sample Pack Rave Compo. Voting will start only when I say so. And yeah, I’ll collect and repeat all entries in a single post to make them easy to compare. :wink:

We have some lovely prices:

Winner: Full Shruthi-1 SMR-4 mkII kit donated by me… and a Custom Plexi Case™ graciously donated by Master Plexi Case Designer Extraordinaire Mr. fcd72 himself. Runner up: "Elby Serge VCS": made available byJojjelito who has promised to also send out some candy! Many thanks to him for this awesome

Please DM me if you’d like to donate a price as well.

Well, I backed up my K5000 over MIDI, but I also learned that my USB floppy drive no longer works when I went to make a floppy backup. So now I know to keep an eye out for one in the future.
Anyway, I should have something by the first. :slight_smile:

To get things started, I’ve decided to donate a full Shruthi-1 SMR-4 mkII kit. However, I’ll only give it out if we get at least 6 submissions. So, get on it! :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s very generous!

I’m chipping in a big-ass load of weird Swedish victory candy shipped to wherever in the world to who made whatever contribution(s) I find interesting, plus a DIY something from Elby if @t2k’s stipulations are met.

I still need to figure out if the Elby DIY thingy goes to the winner, or as a runner-up prize :slight_smile:

This looks like a lot of fun. I love these kind of challenges. The challenge alone is fun even without a prize. Anyhow, I would love to compete. Is there any restriction on which synthesizer? I mean obviously if I said “my modular” that would be cheating right.

I’d love to participate again! (the Christmas song contest was really fun, although I think Santa Frank forgot the prize, I guess I was mean that year…)
Great idea, great prize, I hope I’ll have some time to submit something!

“I mean obviously if I said ‘my modular’ that would be cheating right.”

No, that would be fine. A modular system you assembled is still a single synth for the purposes of this compo. You will be required to include a photo and list the modules used.

Please note that TIME SHOULD NOT BE AN ISSUE! :slight_smile:

Your submission could be as simple as you playing a 15 seconds phrase with you favorite patch on your favorite synth. This competition is not about composing and producing a full track; it’s about you showing off some cool sounds from your favorite synth.

Keep it short, fun, and simple. Participation should not take more than a single free evening. YOU CAN DO THIS!

sounds fun!

I like the idea of keeping it short and sweet. It should allow for more participants - namely me! I’ve been looking to mess around with the midnight edition again, so it seems there’s no time like the present, I’ll try to get something cranked out tonight.

SHIT - but it was not you that was mean it was this year to me…… pm me we will sort this out!

Yeah, I was just going to throw together some fresh patches and record them, I was itching to do that anyway. :slight_smile:

The short time limit will also push me away from the infinite drones.

Also, that is a very generous prize! Crazy! Now I have to really make some aural patches. :slight_smile:

When you say “song”, do you mean, like, singing, with, um, lyrics?

No. Singing is allowed though, but not required.

In that case I’ll just hum.

> Use one single specific synth per vignette only.

Is that one single specific instance of a synth per vignette only, or one single specific type of synth per vignettes only? It’s just that I have four Shruthi, and it seems a shame to use only one of them and have to multitrack it, instead of all four in a single take…


Here’s my entry (actually two different synths with the same sound engine):


Where shall I post? I got one vignette knocked out over the past few night and this morning. I love this kind of challenge, because it gets me to just play around with my synths for a quick result. I need that kind of kick in the ass these days! This one uses the midnight edition, and has 3 tracks of different (somewhat tweaked) presets on the shruthi, running the same sequence. I used a little reverb and delay, and autopan on the chiptune track (I hope that’s OK, if not, I’ll take it out). Cheers!

Here is my entry. It’s from my modular. The details are on sound cloud. This began yesterday as I tried to build a track from the percussion up.