Thank you, Mutable Instruments

Building a few Shruthi’s gave me the confidence to finally open up my trusty old Roland Alpha Juno 1 and replace her LCD backlight that had been broken for 15 years.

This is after I cleaned out the dust

Can you count the number of voices?

Aren’t these cables tied together neatly?

Taking out the old backlight.

And we’re back in business!


Also, did anyone say “programmer”?

that pg-300 looks rad

It does. Sadly, that one ain’t mine.

replacing an SY-77 LCD actually gave me the confidence to do my first shruthi

congrats on your fix

I elected to totally replace the LCD instead of just the backlight though, do you know the lifespan for your new backlight?

I should be interested on your experience as I have a 99 that needs that sorting … what LCD did you source? I know it is not a difficult task particularly (apart from the number of screws, I have had it apart a couple of times).
I bought mine new in 1992 - I don’t think you wan to know the price back then…:wink:
Bloody rubber band for the floppy just cost me 8 GBP. That had gone slack. I may pick up one of those mitsumi copycat direct drives , but they are not cheap.

This new backlight should be good for a total lifetime of 10.000 hours with a drop to 50% brightness after 3000 hours.

My MKS-50 has a VFD EDIT: VFD-looking LCD, but all of the other machines I have will be outfitted with modern LED-lit LCDs or OLEDs for the character displays. You can also source modern 240x64 LED-lit LCDs from places like Artronic and doll up those old Wavestations, K5000s, SY-77/99s etc. Most of those come with a T6963-compatibe controller so you can ditch the inverter, its coil whine and high-voltage nasties and gradually dimmer EL-films.

POIDH? Let’s see what happens during the x-mas break… The conservation of my hardware synths into eternity (read and backup EPROMs, yank floppies, restore and recap, maybe replace the PSUs with modern switchers etc) is a bit outside the scope of this forum.

Do ya have a link for a WS compatible LCD??

@fcd72: Does the bear shit in the woods? More here

You can find Artronik on the Polish and German Evilbay too…

A replacement procedure and where to get sane voltage courtesy of Scott Juskiw (Tellun)

EDIT: The SR needs a much smaller display! This will fit the keyboards (standard and EX) plus the A/D.

I know it’s sentimental, but I simply love the look of these old LCD panels. Much nicer than replacing them with LED-lit LCDs or OLEDs. :slight_smile:

@thijs: Eeeeew! Yuk!

Gotta go barf. Sorry! Or something :wink: Actually the JU-1 isn’t all that horrible, the ones with larger displays and more coil whine from the EL foil inverter are much worse. Or things like my CZ-5000 which isn’t even back-lit… It’s ripe for some rough love using screwdrivers and my soldering iron.

The before and after example in the link from Tellun above says it all…

those are a couple resources I found helpful when messing with my sy-77 (I took a lot of pics myself while I was taking it apart as well), I’m not sure if the exact screen that I purchased is available anymore and I can’t find a link for it in my bookmarks, I ordered that LCD over a year ago - Jojjelito has the right idea with the T6963-compability on the LCD controller though

the main trick for different screens is that you’ll have to possibly desolder and replace one or both of the ‘contrast range’ resistors

@fcd72: I replaced LCD on my Wavestation A/D with the Newhaven part NHD-24064WG-ATMI-VZ# removing back light transformer from the synth main board.

No more wining and it looks great:

@Jojjelito: do you know any replacement part for MKS-50 VFD? Mine is barely readable already.

time to replace the lcd on my XP-10. Unfortunately it is one of those paper thin microribbons (perfectly flat cable) and I think it might be trickier than I expect. Especially finding the 5V supply… Time to crack it open again.

awesome job thijs! I actually have two broken alpha junos, one is just guts. they both show the “one block lcd on” error, I replaced the timing crystal on one, but that didn’t fix it. the psu works, so I’m stumped as to what else it might be

@kvitekp: It’s something called DM011Z-1DL3, they’re available as NOS on Ebay here and there. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to cross this yet, but as soon as I crack my MKS open I’ll take a look. It’s probably something made by Sharp, Hitachi or Toshiba that’s no longer in production.

Edit: I just discovered that it only looks a bit like a VFD, it’s apparently a LED-lit LCD or some such. It looks like 85x30mm display. I have to measure it to be sure.

thank you gentlemen , this thread has motivated me to sort out my SY99.I have thought about it for a while, looked at various blogs, and indeed just found this. SY99 Backlight
I’m not frightened by it , but having had it apart before there are just SO MANY BLOODY SCREWS!