Testing trouble (SMR-4 filter) (fixed)

Hi everybody,
I’m new in electronics, i’m studying sound mixing and I feel great to know electronic. That’s why I’ve started builind the shruti as a first experience.

Actually, i’m building the sm4-filter, following consciensously the tuto. I’ve just arrived at step 5, but my tests are looking weird. Every point I test, i get some strangely high values between 980, -980…
The values that must be positive are positive and these which must be negative are negative.
everything is at the right place and polarities are ok, the solder seems to be ok.

I’m waiting answers before to continue the building.

Thanks for your help, i hope my english isn’t so bad!

Are you sure your meter is in DC voltage mode with a range of 20V (instead of resistance or continuity testing?).

yes i’m sure, i’m gonna change the batteries just in case, here are some photos

It doesn’t look like the meter is set to “DCV” - to me it looks like it points in the opposite direction!

Maybe you can’t see well on the photo, but it’s on DCV 20 (there is a “point” on it).

well i agree it’s really not clear on the photo…

What are the voltages on each pin of the 2 regulators? Do you have a known voltage source (say a 9V battery) you could use to see if your meter is working? I am not even sure what 1029 means… Certainly not volts? millivolts? Broken decimal dot on the display?

it was the voltmeter battery, i’ve just change it (crazy run to go to the nearest electronic shop) and now it’s ok, i have no problem :slight_smile: everything is between 4,95/4,97.
I’ve been afraid too early. Let’s continue it!

Thanks for your quick answer, hope to quick join you in the community!

you will do it!