Testing the polyphony of AMBIKA :-) SMR4

“stresstest” :smiley: plenty of notes, overlaying notes and even more notes

Ambika for the ployphonic stuff, two Shruthi SMR4 for sequence like bass/lead-lines, my Modular for drums, Saw bass, fx bass, subtile atmo pad, Ambika through Strymon El Capistan. One taker. Eveything mixed in Ableton with fx

thanks for this instrument, Olivier! appreciate it a lot


Your link redirects to here :()


Oh, the big C!

I think the first link was a ‘cirklon’ reference…

Nice one!

that’s a really cool track

very cool - I do hear a few rhythmic hiccups though, the first one appears at about 2:44; tripped me out and I had to go listen back for it to make sure my computer didn’t trip over itself during playback. what is the source of those inconsistencies? they definitely do not sound intentional, and I was of the impression the cirklon has tight timing?

I can’t hear them. perhaps a streaming issue or not synced delays?

Very nice!