Testing Boards

Is there anyone on here who could check my Polivoks filter board to see if it is functioning correctly?

How much?

How long?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Where is your location? What’s wrong with it?

I could do that, but I’m located in Germany.
> How much? - Just for testing: only shipping cost. For repairing: cost of spare parts and an extra 10€
> How long? - 2-3 days for testing + shipping time for any spare parts.

Plymouth, England…

I am interested in having the filter board hooked up to a working Polivoks control unit to see if it works…I am working on a process of elimination :slight_smile:

If the filter board is fine I can then focus my attention on the control board, for some reason all the LED’s are now lit but with no display, and that state is the same, with, or without the main CPU installed :confused:

WoW thank you cj55 :smiley: I sent you a message…I shall try in the next couple of days to fix this unit myself, if I fail, which is likely, I would be very grateful if you could take a look at it for me.

No problem! (but no message received yet?) Edit: ahhh, ok, it’s on the “activity” page. What you post there everybody can read. You can send a PM with the button “Send … A Message” on the left side.