Tempo & groove no longer seem to work as NRPN

I believe I’ve correctly mapped tempo (70, 40-255) and groove (73, 0-127). Indeed, this is what I was using with earlier firmware with success. However with .57 firmware Tempo seems to behave properly up to 246, and erratically above that. Can someone else duplicate this?

Could it be because of the new “fast” values in the tempo selection?
0-240: real tempo
240-246: lookup in the fast tempo table

With a value above 246 you’re doing lookups outside of the table. Previously, the values 240-255 didn’t cause any look up and were interpreted as real tempi.

Yep, you’re right on that. I’ll look more closely into the shuffle thing. It’s a bit harder to tell… I’m going to try switching menus while I change the parameters and see if the right values are showing up.