Teh Nostalgia

Röyksopp plus Susanne Sundfør does “Ice Machine” and takes me on a trip down memory lane.

Got sued into oblivion by Nintenderp
The Great Giana Sisters…

oh that nostalgia! Must plug in my sammich SID now and listen to some c64 tunes until my ears hurt!

As a huge Depeche Mode fan, I respect this cover version and enjoy a lot when I am listening to it.

Any other DM fan arround ?

DM is the playing station on my pandora radio right now. I have very distinct memories of being four and observing tree and clouds listening to Depeche Mode with my dad. Lots of that genre makes me fly back to simpler times

total DM fan here!

British synthpop is the very first music I got hooked to, as a young kid. Spent whole rainy sundays listening to music, just watching the vu-meters move on my parents’ stereo.

DM is by far the band I’ve listened the most to - mostly in my teen years, but they’re always there as some kind of influence, even when I’m working on a totally different kind of genre

DM was one of my very first concerts i have visited…for a price lower that you would pay today for a drink on a DM concert !

It is a pleasure to see many devotees in this forum :slight_smile: then you may all know that they used a lot of modular synths in their latest album “Delta Machine” which you can see here in the

Angel video

Oh, those were the times! Purran Purran, Depeche Meow, Gary Mewman, Mewrythmics, David Meowie.

DM was very important. I even remember when New Life was - well, new. I still listen to them, allthough now they are beginnig to become a bit old. Still good.

Human League’s Dare hit me like 10 000 volts, Still like it!

Ultravox. Was recently in their concert, and boy was it really something. Midge still has most of that Voice (“The sound and the look of the Voice”…).

Gary Numan: Are Friends Electric?

That is the time my life really started. I miss that time.

DM and Gary Numan were cool, dont forget OMD , Kraftwerk and YMO oh and the electronic wizards, JMJ , Vangelis , TDream and Tomita

on my itunes is all of my Ultravox and like my 5th copy of Dare ( as stated above) I think ive owned that on every format except 8 track!

When I was a teen though i was huge into DM and even saw them live 3 times in San Diego :slight_smile: 84-86

Trust the Internet to make OT about kittens :slight_smile: I know from people on the inside of a certain little search and advertising company that most of us use every.goddamn.day that the Internet is in fact run by gangs of kittens…

Nao I’m going to go listen to some random 80’s stuff some more. Or at least some “interesting” 80’s cover

oh yes.

though I must say Sounds of the Universe was a terrible album… Gary Newman and John Foxx both still make great music, and have seen quite a bit of development musically during the years.

lol I really like SOTU …
I saw Numan live two years ago. excellent.
Foxx is great.
YMO probably my favourite band b , due to the Japanese connections i have and having met them a number of times , especially Hosono solo when he is in Ambient mode.

Bill Nelson … Another I meet up with occasionally , mainly as he does not live too far away and the Japanese/YMO connection. :wink:

@rumpelfilter I second that opinion about SOTU. I do not understand how do they still like to work with Ben Hillier as a producer. It has been 2 studio albums that I could not stand out this boring production techniques of him. Now the the 3rd one.

I am more hopeful on that though as Martin brought a lot of his synth arsenal to the studio and Flood was the one who did remixing.

@fitvideo one of my fave Nelson tracks is this one with Yuki drumming

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pwu5-yaHSF4 Another day another ray of hope