Teenage engineering op1 - midipal

I was hoping that the keyboard from the op1 would work:-(

I won’t know for 3weeks.
Will let you’s know how I get on.

Am i right in thinking you would like to play the internal sounds of the OP1 with the keboard of the OP1, but using the midi pal to correct mistakes, play in keys you dont know etc?? if so i can understand what you are trying to achieve.

to do so you would first need to translate the usb connection ot regular midi, this is easiest done in software as spelt out above.

the other option that MIGHT work is a box from Kenton that is a USB host, it is a hardware box that claims to translate regular plug and play compliant usb midi devices…check to see if the OP1 is a plug and play i guess…

secondly for this to work you would need the OP to have what is called “local control =off”…thankfully my microkorgs and microstation have this…basically it breaks the direct connection from the keys to the sound module…allowing the midi notes to be sent out of the midi out and then recieving incoming midi signals on the midi in , in this case post midipal.

if you dont have this feature on the op1, im afraid you will hear double notes on the notes that are in scale and clashing horriblenotes on the ones that are out of scale

let us know how you get on…id love an OP1 but the lack of traditional din is a killer to me…could have easily have done it over mini din like the tenori on

Thanks mate,
I’m home in 9days, cannot wait to have abash at it :slight_smile: